Historical Sports Miniseries ‘The English Game’: Plot, Cast, Trailer, and Netflix Release Date

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Netflix will have even more for football lovers in 2020. Arriving later this March is the miniseries The English Game, set in the 1880s, two football teams of different abilities, and backgrounds go head to head in the semi-finals of the FA Cup. The English Game is available on Netflix. We provide all the information you require about it, such as its plot, cast and trailer.

The English Game is an upcoming Netflix Original historical-drama-sports miniseries directed by Birgitte Stærmose. The series' executive producer is Julian Fellowes. Fellowes was the screenwriter of Downton Abbey and the creator of Gosford Park. The series won’t just be for die-hard football fans, as there will be plenty of drama shown on and off the pitch.

What is the Netflix release date of The English Game?

The English Game miniseries will be available on Netflix starting March 20, 2020, it has been confirmed.

The series will be released globally, which means there won’t be any regions missing out.

Is there a plot to The English Game's story?

Set in the early days of Football’s history, two clubs divided by class face each other in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. Darwen FC is a Lancashire team that signs Fergus Suter, Partick FC's illegal player, making him the oldest professional footballer to be recognized in the history of the game. The amateur team Old Etonians believes that the game should only be played by men and not people of lower classes. When the two clubs go head to head, it’s a war on and off the pitch, as classes clash, and history is made.

What are The English Game's cast members?

Some of the most well-known faces and names are set to make an appearance in The English Game.

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Arthur Kinnard Edward Holcroft Vampire Academy | Kingsman: The Secret Service | Alias Grace
Fergus Suter Kevin Guthrie Dunkirk | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them | Sunshine on Leith
Martha Almond Niamh Walsh Good Omens | Jamestown
TBA Charlotte Hope Allied | Les Miserables | The Theory of Everything
TBA Craig Parkinson Misfits | Four Lions | Control
TBA James Harkness Macbeth | Rogue One | Darkest Hour
TBA Sam Keeley Anthropoid | Burnt | This Must Be the Place
TBA Gerard Kearns Shameless | The Last Kingdom | The Mark of Cain
TBA Daniel Ings The Crown | Lovesick | Black Mirror
TBA Henry Loyd Hughes Killing Eve | Les Miserables | Indian Summer
TBA Ben Batt Captain America: The First Avenger | Scott & Bailey | The Village

Are there any pro-footballers who have participated?

All the scenes in the series featured football were, to our knowledge at least, performed by actors. Cast members attended Trafford Training Centre, Carrington in preparation for their roles. This is the exact same facility used by Manchester United.

Darwen FC: Who are they?

Darwen FC, a local football club from Darwen in Lancashire was founded in 1870. The club, which was founded in 1870 and reached the semi-finals of F.A Cup for nearly ten years, was one of first North English football clubs to be successful. The club had been in existence for almost 140 years when it was finally forced to disband. In its place, A.F.C. Darwen continues to play Anchor Ground even today.

Fergus Suter was the first professional footballer to be signed by the football club. He was signed from Partick FC. It is absurd to think that professional footballers are illegal. However, amateur football teams used to be allowed to play back in 1880s.

A pioneer of football in the early days of the sport’s history, Darwen FC brought elegance to the English game through the Scott, Fergus Suter. Although the team was made up of working class people, the men played football like gentlemen. This contrasted with their upper-class counterparts who still play the game, which more closely resembled rugby than football.

Darwen FC 1879-1880 – Bottom center the famous Fergus Suter

An unbroken legacy

The legacy left by Darwen can be felt throughout football’s long history. Some of the greatest players in football's history, including some who are considered among the most outstanding, come from humble backgrounds like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Pele. Soon after the events of The English Game, fellow northwestern club Preston North End went on to become the first-ever football league champions, also winning the FA Cup in the same season completing ‘The Double.’

Another famous Northern club that is playing at the top level of English football right now are Manchester United & City and Liverpool.

Where and when was production of The English Game?

The filming of The English Game began in May 2019, and was completed by December 2019.

While we don’t know the exact locations, filming took place in the county of Yorkshire.

What number of episodes will this series air?

The series will consist of six episodes, as confirmed by us.

The run times haven’t been announced.

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