‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Dropped Early on Netflix (then removed)

Review Ethan / 2023-05-05 13:33:57


Some lucky viewers were allowed to see the new season of House of Cards, which will be available on Netflix's streaming service starting February 27th. The release date for this season is much later than in previous years. We were able last year to watch Underwood's Rise to the Top throughout Valentines Day, which was quite a treat. Why they’ve pushed it back this year is unclear however some fans have been able to get a sneak peak at the new season as all of the new episodes went live on the US Netflix yesterday.

This addition of the episodes was clearly accidental as there was only 10 episodes added to the streaming library when we know that Franks final season will contain 13.

Netflix has responded to the situation stating that “Due to a technical glitch some Frank Underwood fans got a sneak peak. He’ll be back on Netflix on Feb 27. #nospoilers”



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