How to get ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ renewed for Season 4

Review Ethan / 2022-12-23 10:50:28

Fans are mad that Santa Clarita Diet won't be returning for its fourth season. In fact, it’s one of the biggest uproars we can remember even eclipsing the fallout from the cancelation of One Day at a Time and even Sense8. Here’s what you can do to help get Santa Clarita Renewed if not for a full season but for a final episode.

Santa Clarita Diet's untimely cancellation comes just as the show is really at its peak. This season had the highest rating of all three. It featured the most memorable plot moments. Joel and Sheila also faced their hardest moments.

That’s not to mention the massive (and we do mean massive) cliffhanger the series left us on. Netflix is struggling to find some shows beyond season 3.

We have many options. Are renewals now impossible? Here’s a bit of background of Netflix’s cancelations and how we may just be able to overturn the decision.

This is the most notable example of how Netflix users overturned the decision to cancel Sense8 and received a complete episode as a movie. This took a lot of fan coordination, but eventually it happened. One Day at a Time is believed to be moving to another network, after many expressed an interest, but Netflix has prevented that from happening.

What you can do to help Santa Clarita Diet get renewed

You can take several steps to help Santa Clarita Diet be renewed. These are the same methods used by Sense8 in past years. These are the steps:

Step 1. Sign the petition

Fans quickly set up petitions asking Netflix for the renewal of the series, shortly after its announcement. This petition now has over 10,000 signatures in just 24 hours.

There’ll no doubt be other petitions surface over the next several days and weeks so get signing.

Step 2: Ask Netflix to add you

Netflix's support pages allow you to suggest content that it might consider purchasing. The effectiveness of this form is to be debated but it certainly doesn’t harm in adding Santa Clarita Diet season 4 into the form to express directly how displeased you are with the decision.

Step 3: Use social media to make noise

This is the most crucial step. Netflix listens to its customers and offers multiple channels. The hashtags #SaveSantaClaritaDiet and just the main show name have already begun trending on Twitter in the United States hours after the show’s cancelation. It’s also spawned some gem Tweets such as these:

Step 6: Make contact with other networks

Some are already reaching out to Hulu and Amazon to get the show picked up, as well as FX, FX, and NBC.

Step 5: Cancel Netflix

You can also use your wallet to tell Netflix that you are unhappy.

There you have it, we certainly hope Netflix can find a way to conclude the story in a more satisfying way even if it’s not a fully fledged fourth season. It’s what the fans deserve.


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