‘Insatiable’ Canceled at Netflix After Only 2 Seasons

Review Ethan / 2022-10-26 18:13:48

One of Netflix’s most controversial series, Insatiable, has seen its luck run out after only two seasons. Netflix has canceled Insatiable after much debate and rumor.

Lauren Gussis created Insatiable, a Netflix Original Black-Comedy. The original series was pitched to The CW, but it eventually made its way to Netflix. The series' announcement in 2018 caused one of the biggest controversies for Netflix. More than 270,000 people signed a Change.org petition to have the series pulled. Netflix prevailed, and Insatiable became one of 2018's most watched Originals series.


Is Netflix renewing Insatiable's contract?

Netflix Official Renewal Status: Canceled. (Last Updated on 14/10/2019).

Insatiable was cancelled by Netflix due to poor ratings from critics and low viewership. The first season of Insatiable was one of Netflix's most unusual series to date. Its controversial story caused a lot of controversy.

Insatiable's premise is what triggered much of the internet. Many thought the series promoted fat shame.

Many people rushed to Netflix to watch the drama, despite all of its controversy. This resulted in the second season thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the series. Twitter is proving that Insatiable is a guilty pleasure, and people are asking for more. Netflix will renew the series, but how much is enough?

The first season took only a month before being renewed, but it’s been four months since the release of the second season, and it’s fate has finally been sealed.

Is the story in need of a third season.

Insatiable will have many angry fans, as the story has so many threads.

The finale ended with Patty coming to terms with her love for killing, and rather than seeing herself as a victim, she now sees herself as being empowered, going so far as to even describe to Bob that “nothing tastes as good as killing feels.” Patty is not only a danger to herself but to anyone that stands in her way. Bob is the only one who can tell how dangerous Patty really is. This gives Patty full reign to create a mess wherever she goes.

The corpse of Stella Rose, hidden in Patty’s suitcase – Copyright. Lady Magic Productions

Patty is now on the hunt for Regina so she can clear Bob’s name. She’s made her intentions clear that clearing Bob’s name and showing the world of Regina’s guilt as the Pageant Killer is not enough. Patty is determined to kill Regina if she has the opportunity.

Patty will be set up as the antagonist of next season. The story certainly needs a third season, and we’d fully expect it to be the very last season of Insatiable.

What did Insatiable 2's subscribers think?

The tweets show that many subscribers tuned in to Insatiable Season 2 season 2.

It may have not been as many people watching Insatiable as it seemed.

What is the Insatiable season 3 Netflix premiere date?

The series was canceled.

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