‘Insatiable’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

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In 2019, the most talked about show in 2018 is returning. After Netflix confirmed the renewal of Insatiable there was a very mixed reaction. Here's everything we know about season 2 of Insatiable for fans who are eagerly awaiting its return.

Lauren Gussis created Insatiable, an American comedy-drama that focuses on black humor. Patty Bladwell, a teenager is the focus of Insatiable. Patty Bladwell is forced to take a liquid diet during summer vacation after an encounter with a bully.

Everyone is stunned to learn how much weight Patty lost when she returned to school. Patty intends to take revenge for the people who bullied and abused her because she was overweight.

After a Twitter backlash, the show's premise was the subject of much controversy. Although the backlash on Twitter could have led to the cancellation of the show, it arguably only spurred more viewers to tune in.

While there are those who continue to campaign against Insatiable in some cases, for the immediate future we will see Patty again on our screens.

Season 1: Insatiable recap

After being bullied for being overweight, Patty returned to school after three-month liquid diet. Patty was shocked at how much weight her classmates had lost. This gave her an opportunity to be noticed by others. Patty is then convinced by former pageant coach Bob Armstrong to enter beauty pageants.

Tina Rowden/Netflix

Patty tries to take revenge on the bullies she has suffered throughout the season while competing in beauty pageants. Patty finds herself immersed in controversial situations. Patty kills Christian, her former boyfriend and stalker. Patty and Bob attempt to conceal the corpse in a vehicle they drive in a lake. However, it doesn't sink. Patty admits to Bob she believes she killed Stella Rose.

Insatiable season 2: What can we expect?

Expect a lot more controversy from Patty’s escapades as it will be revealed whether or not she killed Stella Rose. The car with Christian’s body also failed to sink, so Christian’s body could be found by the police and a murder investigation could begin. Psychologically speaking, this could have a significant impact on Patty, and we may see her vulnerable for Season 2.

After all the trouble she found herself involved in with the beauty pageants it’s also possible Patty may quit the circuit.

In an interview, Debby Ryan expressed how she’s “interested in exploring the places that Patty continues to look” adding she’s “interested to see where Patty looks [next].”

What has been the response to Insatiable's renewal?

You can be sure that it was a mixed response. Many are excited about Season 2.

While there are others who still aren’t impressed.

Is Insatiable Season 2 still in production?

The second season of filming has ended! Debby Ryan posted the following tweet for the final day of filming

At the time of this update, it’s been two months since filming concluded. Post-production will be well underway for the second season.

Debby Ryan shared a May post that suggested she might be the director of an episode for season 2. As JustJared Jr recounts the story sees “Debby’s chair (labeled with her character’s name, Patty) is framed next to the director’s chair and Debby’s pillow is laying over both chairs.”

News from Insatiable Season 2

As of now, there is no information on new cast members. The majority of core cast members have been confirmed as returning.

Role Actor/Actress Where have I seen them before?
Bob Armstrong, Jr. Dallas Roberts 3:10 to Yuma, Dallas Buyers Club, Walk the Line
Patty Blade Debby Ryan Sing It!, Jessie, Rip Tide
Bob Barnard Christopher Gorham 2 Broke Girls, Covert Affairs, A Boy Called Po
Angie Bladell Sarah Colonna Chelsea Lately, Back in the Day
Magnolia Barnard Erinn Westbrook Glee, Awkward, Jane the Virgin
Brick Armstrong Michael Provost #REALITYHIGH, Shameless, Chance
Coralee Huggins Alyssa Milano Charmed, Commando, Who’s the Boss?

Alex Landi (Grey’s Anatomy) has been confirmed to have been cast in a recurring role in Insatiable Season 2. The character Landi will be playing is still to be announced.

Do you have a trailer of season 2?

Netflix finally released the trailer for Insatiable season 2, just days before its release!


What is the Release Date?

Our prediction of Insatiable Season 2 arriving October 2019, is correct!

The second season will be released on October 11, 2019.

This article is currently being updated. Bookmark it! We will keep adding more information as they become available.

Is Insatiable 2 on your radar? Are you disappointed that Netflix has cancelled Insatiable? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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