Introducing Netflix Original Docu-series ‘Chelsea Does’

Review Ethan / 2023-04-29 12:31:32

A new 4 part docu-series was announced today in a collaboration between Netflix and Chelsea Handler. It will be available in 4 parts, and it is currently the only Netflix Original for January 2016.

The series is one of the three parts that came with Netflix’s deal with the comedian last year. The first part of the deal was for a stand-up special which was entitled “Uganda Be Kidding Me” which arrived last year and her upcoming talk show scheduled to launch some time in 2016.

As she stated in the trailer, the documentary will show her serious side. She tackles four issues over the course of the series. The show will focus on four issues: Racism and Marriage; Silicon Valley and Drugs.

The docu-series while deal with often sensitive issues will almost certainly have Chelsea’s wry sense of humour plastered in.

After this series has arrived on Netflix we expect more information to be dropped on her new talk show which is expected to be Netflix’s version of 60 minutes covering the latest news and events but not in the schedule that Chelsea was subjected to on E!


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