Introducing Netflix Original ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

Review Ethan / 2023-05-06 04:34:08

Netflix’s attempt to break into comedy has been met with limited success so far. It’s regular stream of standup specials keep people entertained but ultimately is only the start of where Netflix wants to be in the comedy race. They did have a crack at Arrested Development by reviving it for another season but again isn’t quite where Netflix wanted to be. The opportunity for Unbreakable Kimmy to start over and produce a series of comedy shows worthy of the Netflix Original sticker is available. NBC had previously greenlit the show so it was unlikely that Netflix would be able to get exclusive access to the series. Behind the show is Tina Fey, who’s career began on the live skit show Saturday Night Live and since has taken roles in big comedy movies such as Mean Girls and her own TV series; 30 Rock. Fey tried to commission the show at NBC, but Ted Sarandos explains why Netflix was able to obtain the license.

“We got a call from Tina Fey and from Dave Miner to come to New York. We came up literally on the last day of production, watched some of the shooting. Met with Tina and the team, heard what they were planning, and said, ‘Look, if you can work it out with NBC, we’d love to do it.’ And within 12 hours, we’d seen nine of the 13 episodes. And within four days, the deal was done.”

Ellie Kemper will play the role of Kimmy Schmidt. Kemper has also seen her fair share of success with a long run as Erin on NBC’s The Office and a few supporting roles in comedy movies with Bridemaids being a particular highlight. Kimmy Schmidt managed to get out of a cult, and start over in New York. It’s been stated to have an ‘off-beat premise’ and contain plenty of rich characters. Tanner Flood and Dylan Gelula are also part of the cast.

Season 1 is expected to air on Netflix during Q1 of 2015 and it’s also unclear of the release schedule of the series to.


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