Is ‘Community’ on Netflix? Netflix could make the movie?

Review Ethan / 2023-03-06 11:38:57

Although Community is a successful series with six seasons, could Netflix become its hero and bring it the fabled movie it craves? It’s certainly been hinted it as we’ll explore below plus where on Netflix you can stream the hit comedy plus why you can’t in some regions too.

Dan Harmon, who is looking for Rick and Morty for a second season of his NBC series, was the one that had to keep fighting for its survival. Yahoo Screen gave him its last season. The comedy at a community college was unorthodox for its day and is part of a great line-up of comedy on NBC, including The Good Place.

As you probably know by now, since Yahoo took the rights to the show and subsequently gave them to Hulu, Netflix doesn’t and most likely won’t be streaming the previous six seasons of Community in the United States.

The show is available on Amazon Prime in Canada. Channel 4 in the UK has the rights. There’s zero chance that Netflix will likely get the rights to Community moving forward.

Netflix is producing The Community Movie?

Netflix has not officially announced that it will be making a Community movie. Although it was quickly dismissed, Joel McHale did release a bit of footage for his Netflix series.

Of course, there’s scope for the cast to take time out of their other projects to work on a Community movie. Joel McHale is now solely focused on The Joel McHale Show, his Netflix series. Alison Brie works on GLOW, BoJack Horseman, and Gillian Jacobs have just finished their final seasons of Love. She is also working on a film. Jim Rash is also on team Netflix hosting the Stranger Things wrap up show that premiered along season 2.

Gillian Jacobs, who was promoting Ibiza on Netflix in season 2, made mention of Community again. It was again said in humor.

Other members of the cast aren’t working on Netflix projects with Danny Pudi just finished on his series Powerless and Yvette Brown finishing her role on The Odd Couple on CBS . Donald Glover is currently the most busy, appearing in Star Wars movies and Atlanta on FX. As for Chevy, who left fairly early on in the shows history is relatively unheard of today.

For a time, Netflix UK had Community.

All of the NBC seasons for Community are available on Netflix UK. Unfortunately, Netflix UK took the rights to Yahoo's new season 5 episodes. Finally, the show is now available on All 4 in the United Kingdom. It also includes the Yahoo seasons.

Unogs reports that Netflix is not available in any region, with the exception of the March 2017 loss.

Unfortunately, Community won't be available on Netflix until we learn of a movie, or a new series. Do you want Netflix to give Community another year of programming? Please let us know below.


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