Is Season 1 of ‘The Act’ on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-12-30 13:05:30

“Dee Dee wanted her daughter to be sick, Gypsy wanted her mom to be murdered.” The Act has arguably become one of the most popular shows of 2019 already. With its chilling premise and real-life story, it’s not hard to see how audiences have been captivated by the thought-provoking tale. The best part is that The Act can be streamed on Netflix. Let’s find out!

The Act, an American drama about true crime created by Nick Antosca & Michelle Dean. Based on Dee Dee Blanchard's true story, the series was created by Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Dee Dee’s murder and the circumstances surrounding her death had lead to Michelle Dean writing a feature-length article for BuzzFeed, detailing the events that led to Dee Dee’s death. This article became viral, and Gypsy Rose's story shocked everyone. The Act production was underway soon after the series order. Dean served as executive producer and showrunner.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is in a difficult relationship with Dee Dee Blanchard, her mother. In her attempt to find independence, Gypsy discovers her mother’s darkest secret, setting in motion the chain of events that ultimately lead to her mother’s murder.

Why The Act isn’t available on Netflix US?

Anyone who has seen the above trailer will be aware that The Act is only available on Hulu in the US. The chances of The Act appearing on Netflix are slim due to The Act being an original Hulu series. All 8 episodes of The Act are now available for streaming on Hulu.

How about in other areas?

It’s more than likely that The Act will arrive on domestic television in regions outside of the United States because at the time of writing The Act is only available to stream in the US.

We believe that The Act may be coming to Sky TV in the United Kingdom. If the series airs on television it would be available on Sky Atlantic but it’s more than likely The Act would be available to stream through there streaming services Now TV and Sky Go.

The streaming home of The Act for Australian viewers would be Universal TV, and Foxtel.

Many media outlets are reporting Hulu's arrival in Canada thanks to the Disney/Fox merger. Although a date has not been confirmed, it is believed that the Act won't be made available to Canadians until Hulu becomes available.

Do you want The Act to be streamed in your area? Leave a comment below.


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