Is ‘Smallville’ streaming on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-04-17 05:15:10

In 2014, we wrote the first time that Smallville was streaming on Netflix. The streaming landscape has changed significantly since that point. We’re back to find out whether or not Smallville is on Netflix and whether or not it ever will be.

This memorable CW series opened the doors to a whole new generation of super heroes shows. It also helped create the modern-day superhero series that is still being very well capitalized. Before the network's move to The CW, it aired on The WB for its first time in 2006.

It concluded its ten-year run with 218 episodes and a total of ten seasons. The series recreated the story of Superman for today.

You may have heard that Netflix and The CW entered into a new agreement in the last year. The new arrangement brings Netflix brand-new shows around seven days following the end of each season. This covers current DC series like Supergirl, Arrow, Arrow, and DC Legends of Tomorrow. The only show it doesn’t retroactively cover is Smallville.

Although Hulu saw the elimination of many of its CW series last year, Smallville is still available on the site. All ten series can be viewed on Hulu as of this writing.

As for whether it could come in the future, that’s not known. Given the show’s age and Netflix’s preference to current and future shows, it’s likely that Smallville will never make its way to Netflix, at least in the US.

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