Is ‘Storage Wars’ on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-11-28 20:50:06

You can’t beat a good reality series and when it comes to bingeable reality series, not much comes to close to Storage Wars. You can stream Storage Wars worldwide on Netflix. We’ll look into the streaming deals in place and some alternatives you can stream.

It's simple. The show features a group of people who travel across America to look at abandoned storage lots and then bid on the contents in order to make a profit.

There have been many spinoffs of the series, both in America and internationally. We'll get to that later.

Are Storage Wars happening in the United States with Netflix?

Storage Wars is no longer available on Netflix US. You’ll have a tough time streaming the series at length given it’s locked behind A&E’s own app but two seasons can be found on Amazon Prime and Hulu respectively.

Long-term subscribers to Netflix USA will recall that Storage Wars was once streamed via Netflix. That was up until 2012 when A&E Networks decided it wouldn’t be renewing its contract with Netflix. This resulted in the cancellation of several A&E Shows, including Storage Wars.

How did Storage Wars: Northern Treasures go on Netflix US?

Storage Wars: Northern Treasures' first season was available on Netflix until June 2019, when it was taken down. Don’t fear as the show is set to return on July 22nd, 2019 but only with the shows second season which concluded the Canadian versions run.

Storage Wars is streaming on Netflix.

Thanks to the guys over at Unogs, we do know that several regions of Netflix are streaming Storage Wars although in all cases, they’re tremendously out of date with only the very first season currently streaming.

Canada, Germany and Israel are the countries that have access to American Storage Wars season 1.

In conclusion, Netflix has a poor selection of Storage Wars content and in truth, you probably aren’t going to find a good location to watch all episodes of Storage Wars.


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