Is ‘Swamp Thing’ Season 1 Coming to Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-12-07 15:07:04

DC Universe has revived Swamp Thing almost 20 years after the end of the original series. Injustice and Justice League Dark have brought the Bayou of Louisana hero to a new level of popularity. The question now is, will Swamp Thing make its way to Netflix? Unfortunately, this is a likely answer. Here’s why.

Swamp Thing, an American Superhero-drama is based on the detective comics character. The third series set in the DC Comics “DC Universe” the Swamp Thing series was developed by Gary Dauberman and Mark Verheiden. In the latter half of 20th century, Swamp Thing was a popular character. After the USA Network's early 1990s series, this is the second live action television show to feature the Swamp Thing character. Swamp Thing's life in the swamp is a wonderful start, despite creative differences between WarnerMedia and the production studio.

The Marais area, Louisiana is being ravaged by a deadly swamp-borne disease. Abby, a CDC doctor is assigned to investigate this mysterious virus. Abby forms a friendship with Alec Holland, a disgraced scientist. But after Holland tragically ‘dies’ Abby soon discovers a huge secret hidden in the bayou. After the swamp claimed Alec Holland, it becomes known as The Swamp Thing. Alec uses the elements granted to him by the swamp to help protect Marias, his Swamp Home.

Netflix US will soon have Swamp Thing.

Netflix US will not bring Swamp Thing. Here’s why.

The series' first episode has been canned. Multiple media outlets confirmed this:

Even if the series hadn’t already been canceled it still wouldn’t be coming to Netflix. Netflix has several DC-related titles, such as Arrowverse. CW produced those titles, as well as the Arrowverse, which isn't in the same continuity with Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing. Netflix has a license agreement for the CW content, but not for the DC Universe.

The exclusive streaming service DC Universe is the only place to stream all three of these series, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol and Titans.  The DC Universe streaming platform will receive all content created for Netflix.

Is Swamp Thing available on Netflix outside of the United States?

There was previously no information about Swamp Thing's arrival on Netflix. We doubt that any other network will pick up Swamp Thing, as the series has been canceled.

How about all the DC Universe titles?

The sister show to Titans and Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol is our biggest indication that Netflix won’t be receiving any further DC Universe related content. This may be confusing considering Titans as the first ‘Original’ show on DC Universe is a Netflix Original in select regions. While we knew Titans would be available on Netflix prior to the US's first episode, Doom Patrol has already aired the entire Season 1, but no information is yet on the location of Titans outside the US.

Based on information from the UK licensing we know that 4 out of 5 DC Universe series have yet to be sold. This means that Swamp Thing and Harley Quinn are still available for purchase, as well as Young Justice, Swamp Thing, Swamp Thing and Harley Quinn. We do know that Doom Patrol has recently been acquired by HBO Europe but it’s unclear what it means for the UK.

Members of the Doom Patrol Copyright. DC Entertainment, Atomic Monster Productions & Warner Bros Television

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