Is ‘The Addams Family’ on Netflix for Halloween 2018?

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It’s Halloween once again! This is the time of year when fans of the 1991 classic movie The Addams Family turn to Netflix, but it’s very unlikely your Netflix region is streaming it. Here’s a look at where it is streaming, whether it’s coming to Netflix, and most importantly where you can watch if it’s not on Netflix.

The movie is a comedy but it has earned a reputation for being one of the most popular Halloween movies. This franchise has been through many iterations, beginning in 1960 with its television series of two seasons and then several sequels. The first film is the most popular over Halloween.

Is The Addams Family Series Available on Netflix?

Sadly, it is not. As you may remember, the 1960’s series was aired by ABC who retain the rights to this day. The two seasons are exclusively available in the United States on Hulu where they’ll be streaming throughout Halloween 2018.

Netflix has The Addams Family Movies.

Only three regions have access to either of the two movies and none have access to the ‘Reunion’ movie.

The Addams Family (1991 film) is only streaming on Netflix in South American countries including Brazil.

Addams Family Values (1993), the sequel to this film, is available on Netflix Germany and Switzerland.

Thanks to Unogs, for international Netflix data.

Addams Family movie availability on Netflix

Why aren’t the movies on Netflix in the United States?

As the demand for popular horror movies rises, this is when rights become more expensive for Netflix and other streaming platforms. That’s why we typically see horror movies added long before and after Halloween when the licensing becomes more affordable.

The Addams Family has been streamed by Netflix US before. The last time the movie was added was back in August 2017 where it was available for several months before being removed and hasn’t returned since.

You can stream the second movie, Addams Family Values with a Starz subscription, but you’ll have to look to a video-on-demand service for the first movie this year.

Available in other regions

The two films are only available on Sky Go and NowTV in the United Kingdom.

In Australia and Canada, you’ll find both movies available on Amazon Prime.

Here's your 2018 Netflix guide for The Addams Family. It won’t likely be the news you were hoping for but in most cases, you should now have an idea on how to stream the classic Halloween movies and series.


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