Is ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-04-01 03:37:54

The Hobbit Trilogy is not as highly regarded as the Lord of the Rings trilogy but it's still a great movie and must-see for all Tolkien fans. You can stream the movies on Netflix. You’ll be hard-pressed but we’ve got the guide to streaming the Hobbit movies on Netflix below.

The recent Lord of the Rings movie, The Hobbit, has made it particularly pertinent to ask whether The Hobbit can be streamed on Netflix.

Peter Jackson directed the film franchise once again. It also serves as a prequel. It’s based on the much smaller book of The Hobbit. The original plan was to make two films, but it was extended to become three.

Netflix is unable to acquire movie franchises due to the high cost of licensing. Netflix loves to buy entire franchises, like the Matrix trilogy in the US last year. However, this is a costly purchase.

Netflix UK was the first to stream them

Netflix had the opportunity to stream the films while they were being made. We’ve seen this happen with many movie franchises where Netflix operates as a promotional tool for the new movie. Once the movie franchises have finished, the need to use Netflix is less as they can now rely on the video-on-demand and disc-purchase services.

Is The Hobbit available on Netflix anywhere?

Netflix is streaming the last 2014 movie, but it's only available in select countries that are not English-speaking. Germany currently streams the last Hobbit movie, although others have done so in the past.

You can stream The Hobbit from any location.

Unfortunately, streaming movies is not available anywhere, at least for the United States. If you have a Netflix DVD subscription you’ll be able to pick up the movies there but otherwise, you’ll have to fork out some cash to get the trilogy.


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