Is ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ TV/Movie on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-04-12 00:00:52

The ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ is a cult classic dating back to the 1975 British-American film that took the musical/comedy world by storm. Now, 40 years later, we’re here to see if the classic or any re-makes are available to stream on Netflix.

Many cultures have been affected by the original musical/comedy from 1975. According to some, the use of dyed hair and fishnet stockings influenced punk rock at the time. The film also played an important role in the development of bisexual rights worldwide.

Both the UK and US continue to love the cultural phenomenon. Although it was largely criticized after its initial release this didn’t stop it quickly gathering a large cult following internationally, and performance groups started popping up all over, dressing up as the characters and performing alongside the show.

Dr. Frank N. Further (originally played by Tim Curry) is the Sweet Transvestite who’s hosting his annual party full of bizarre and strangely wonderful characters, who are all in anticipation for Franks unvailing of his greatest creation, The Rocky Horror. A young couple Brad and Janet stumble across the inhabited castle late at night, after their car breaks down in a storm. Both the couple and the audience will be forever changed.

In 2015, FOX announced they would be producing a “modern-day reimagining” of the 1970s film titled The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again. Laverne cox will play the role of Dr. Frank N. Further, with Tim Curry appearing as the Criminologist. The made-for TV production premiered in October 2016 to mixed reviews.

Often around Halloween, many go back and re-visit the 1975 film, but when it comes to streaming, this classic is in limited supply, even after 40 years. On a lighter note, the National Film Registry in the United States selected the film for preservation a few years back, so theoretically many generations to come could enjoy the movie that so many have fallen in love with.

Unfortunately, we’ve had a good look around and can’t find ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ streaming anywhere on Netflix. Netflix has recently lost quite a few FOX titles, so it’s sadly unlikely that the 2016 version will be coming to the streaming site anytime soon (not impossible though). But don’t let this get you down too much, there are defiantly other options for you to stream either the original, or the 2016 remake.

1975 Original – Anyone lucky enough to have a Netflix DVD account is able to rent at a moments notice. Youtube Movies, Google Play, and Amazon Video all host this fantastic title aswell.

2016 Reimagining – For anyone living in the UK, the entire 2016 film is available to view on Sky Cinema (providing you have access to Sky Cinema). But for viewers not in the UK, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Youtube Movies all have access to the remake aswell.

Are you familiar with the original? Are you going to be seeing the original this Halloween? Leave a comment below.


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