Is ‘White Christmas’ Streaming on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-02-09 05:34:28

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,” Both the film and song of White Christmas will forever go down in history as icons of the holiday season. The song can be found online, but is White Christmas also available for streaming? Let’s find out.

White Christmas was first broadcast on American radio in 1941 on Christmas Day. It wasn’t used in a film until the release of the classic film, Holiday Inn in 1942. 12 years later the song was used once again for the release of White Christmas which debuted in theatres across the US. Both film and song have become synonymous with the Holiday season.

Bob and Phil meet General Waverly, their WW2 commanding officer after they have joined the sister group of Betty and Judy Haynes. They learn that their country inn is facing financial difficulties. In an effort to help their old friend, they bring upon a Christmas miracle by putting on the best musical extravaganza the Inn has ever seen.

White Christmas is streaming on Netflix US

Yes! White Christmas can be streamed on Netflix now.

How about in other areas?

Australia is the only country that streams White Christmas outside of the US. The film will be available to UK viewers via Sky Go or NOW TV.

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