Italian Netflix Original Football Firm Film ‘Ultras’ Coming March 2020

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It seems only fitting that Ultras, a drama about the Champions League fans will be released in March. Ultras, won’t be like the typical British firm films we’ve seen like Green Street and Rise of the Footsoldier. Ultras' plot, cast and trailer are all available on our website.

Francesco Lettieri is the director of Ultras, an Italian Netflix Original Drama. This drama from Italy will become the 5th Original in this region. It is also one of six other Italian Originals that are scheduled for release within the next few months.

What date is Ultras to be released on Netflix

On Friday, March 20, 2020, Ultras will become available worldwide via Netflix.

How do Ultras work?

Here's the synopsis of Ultras:

In the city of Naples, football is life, and for Sandro, the leader of the Napoli ultras, the Apache, this couldn’t be any closer to the truth. Sandro has suffered a lifetime of violence and unshakeable passion. When he gets a Daspo, he can't watch his favorite football team, the values that he held so dear start to fall apart. Sandro feels the need for stability and security in his own life for the first time. Terry is the first person Sandro has met. He forms strong bonds with Angelo's son, and sees Terry as part of his family. Angelo’s brother Sasa had died in a clash with rival fans years before, determined to not see Angelo meet the same fate, Sandro becomes his guide.

What are the Ultras' cast?

These cast members were confirmed as stars in Ultras

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Sandro Aniello Arena Dogman | Reality | Martin Eden
Angelo Circo Nacca Babbo Natale non viene da Nord | Gomorra: La Serie
Terry Antonia Truppo They Call Me Jeeg | Se son rose | The Double Hour
TBA Simone Borrelli Gomorra: La Serie | Camera Cafe | Quo Vadis, Baby?
TBA Daniele Vicorito All the Invisible Children | Gomorra: La Serie
TBA Salvatore Pelliccia Oggi è il Giorno di Festa

What exactly is an Ultra?

Ultras are as passionate and loyal as any football fan can get. An Ultra is a fan who follows the Football team regardless of weather conditions, often in large numbers. Waving banners, scarves, and all of their club’s colors, Ultra’s are typically the loudest voices in the stadium.

Ultras wear the same colors as other teams, but they often have their own names and sigils that fans will instantly recognise. The Glaswegian Team Celtic and Their Green Brigade are one of the most well-known Ultras in Britain and around the globe.

What are the true ultras in Napoli?

In Curva A at the San Paolo Stadium, Napoli's ultras are an ardent and dedicated group of supporters. Fiercely loyal and passionate, you won’t see a single Napoli football match without the appearance of fans from Curva A.

Although passion can be admirable, there are times when the line between fanatism and passion in the game is blurred. Over the years, ultras from Italian football teams have been subject to a lot of controversy. In 2014, the leader of the Napoli ultras, Gennaro de Tommaso, wore a shirt with the words “Free Speziale”. This is a reference for Catania fan Antonio Speziale, who was sent to prison only eight years after Filippo Raciti, a police officer in Sicilian Serie A was shot dead during violent clashes between police and fans.

All aside from the controversy, Curva A's fans are an amazing sight, and make San Paolo Stadium the most intimidating ground for traveling teams.

How long does Ultras take?

The Original Original is expected to last 108 minutes.

How do you rate your parents?

The film usually involves hooligans or football fanatics and tends to contain a lot violence. This alone can tip the rating for Ultras towards an R.

Are Ultras available for streaming in 4K?

All new Originals must be shot in 4K. If you want to stream Ultras in 4K you’ll need a premium subscription, 4K device and an internet connection that can maintain 25mbps.

What Ultras will you be streaming on Netflix? Comment below to let us know!


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