Japanese Psychological-Thriller ‘Ride or Die’ Coming to Netflix in April 2021

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Netflix is expanding its reach worldwide and more originals are being made. An Original we’re extremely excited to see in 2021, is the first Japanese Original film of the year, Ride or Die. We’ve got everything you need to know about Ride or Die, including the plot, cast, trailer, and the Netflix release date.

Ryuichi hiroki is the director of Ride or Die, a Japanese Netflix Original LGBT Psychological thriller. The screenplay for the Original was written by Nami Sakkawa, who in turn based the screenplay on the manga Gunjō by author Ching Nakamura.

What is the Ride or Die Netflix release date?

Thanks to the release of the movie’s teaser trailer we can now confirm that Ride or Die will be coming to Netflix on Thursday, April 15th, 2021.

Netflix will release The Original worldwide, with Japan also being able to stream it.

japanese psychological thriller ride or die coming to netflix in april 2021 poster

The official Netflix poster for Ride or Die – Copyright. Netflix

Is Ride or Die a plot?

Rei is still in love to Nanae and discovers her friend suffers domestic abuse by her husband. Rei kills her husband in a brutal declaration of love. Nanae is terrified and repelled by this act. Rei and Nanae struggle to deal with complicated emotions when they eventually turn to one another for love.

What are the Cast Members of Ride or Die

Ride or Die has confirmed only the roles for the lead actresses.

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Nagasawa Rei Mizuhara Kiko Uso no Sensou | Malu | Kodaike no Hitobito
Shinoda Nanae Sato Honami Lupin No Musume | Itsuamdemo Shiroi Hane | The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese
TBA Maki Yoko Voice: 110 Emergency Control Room | I Love You | Yakiniku Dragon
TBA Suzuki Anne The Ravine of Goodbye | Bridge Over Troubled Water | Hana & Alice
TBA Taneka Tetsushi Day and Night | Bitter Blood | Two Homelands
TBA Minami Sara Korekkiri Summer | Infinite Foundation | Shino Can’t Say Her Own Name
TBA Niiro Shinya Goodbye Newspaper | Sanadamaru | Career
TBA Tanaka Shunsuke Midnight Swan | Memories of a Dead End | Double Mints

How long is Ride or Die running?

Ride or Die is not for short-form films. It will run approximately 142 minutes.

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