Jared Leto's Morbius Has Been Delayed, Yet Again

Coming Soon Ethan / 2022-01-04 04:08:55

Spider-Man enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the next stage in Sony’s growing Spider-Verse series of live-action movies, particularly in the aftermath of Spider-Man 2: A Way Home. Many intriguing avenues remain open to future stories about the character and his universes. This includes the Venom series, as well the films centered on Kraven the Hunter (Aaron Taylor Johnson), and Dr. Michael Morbius. Sony recently revealed that Morbius won't be waiting ..

Studio confirmed that Morbius had moved off its January 28 release date and will open April 1. The latest date shift for this origin story movie was not announced. However, the studio confirmed that Morbius has moved off of its January 28 release date and will now open on April 1.

Oddly enough Sony Pictures Entertainment benefits most from mainstream moviegoers returning to cinemas to watch big-ticket movies. Spider-Man 2: No Way Home broke all records when it was released in December. Since then, it has become the biggest-grossing Spider-Man movie, as well as being the best-selling movie in Sony's history. It's a great accomplishment .

However, the studio was aware that the movie's momentum could slow over the following weeks. They decided to move Morbius to April in order to burn through the version and reduce its impact on the wider population. Sony might face the same fate with Uncharted their next feature film. Uncharted is set to debut in theaters on February 1. To Spider-Man: No Way Home were attached trailers for the game adaptation, taking advantage of the appearance of Tom Holland as the lead actor. Uncharted will remain in place for the time being, though there are many things that could change between now & February.

It is now time to wonder if Morbius will be the last domino falling as other studios examine the terrain. Universal Pictures will unleash the action thriller The 355 January 7th, and Paramount Pictures the anticipated horror film Scream January 14th. They will blink! Both studios don't have natural streaming partners like Warner Bros. and Disney. Sony has also committed to theatrical exclusivity. It will be fascinating to see how dates move over the next few months.

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