Jason Bateman & John Cena Team on Netflix Film ‘Movie Night’

Review Ethan / 2022-10-23 15:44:53

Jason Bateman is set to produce and direct a new family drama that’s currently set to release on Netflix in fall 2020.

This information comes directly from Daniel Richtman, who only uses Patreon to share the details. He revealed the first details on the movie April 18th.

Movie Night is being called Night at the Museum, where inanimate objects are brought to life. It will tell the story of a bus of tourists who try to find a lot with all the set pieces.

Richtman reports that John Cena has been attached to the project. Jason Bateman will be directing. Bateman, Joe Roth, and Jeff Kirschenbaum will all be producing.

Aggregate Films, the production company behind Ozark and Roth Kirschenbaum Films are the studios that created this picture.

Netflix is not new to Jason Bateman. He was the first to work on Netflix's streaming service. It revived the Comedy in which he stars. He’s also involved with some of the biggest Netflix Original dramas, Ozark that saw its third season released in early 2020. He’s also got a first-look deal with Netflix that was signed in July 2018.

John Cena has not yet appeared in any Netflix projects. He’s mainly known for his years within the WWE but his most recent acting credits include Dolittle, Bumble Bee, and Ferdinand.

The series is set to get underway with filming in fall 2020 so we’re currently expecting the movie to drop on Netflix globally in late 2021.

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