Jenji Kohan’s ‘Teenage Bounty Hunters’ Season 1: Coming to Netflix in August 2020

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Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 1 Netflix coming to netflix august in 2020

It’s been a long wait for an update on Jenji Kohan’s upcoming Original series Teenage Bounty Hunters, but finally, it has been revealed that crime-comedy is coming to Netflix in August 2020. Here’s everything we know so far.

Teenage Bounty Hunters, a new Netflix Original Comedy Series, was created by Kathleen Jordan and Jenji Kohan. This series forms part of an output agreement between Netflix and Tara Hermann, the content creators Jenji Khan and Tara Hermann. Kohan is the original creator of Orange is the New Black. He also serves as executive producer for GLOW.

What is the date for Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 1?

The first season of Teenage Bounty Hunters is coming to Netflix this Friday, August 14, 2020.

The Teenage Bounty Hunters series could now occupy the spot Orange Is the New Black used to be.

Is there a plot to Teenage Bounty Hunters'?

IMDb has provided the following summary:

After joining forces with a veteran bounty hunter, sixteen-year-old fraternal twin sisters Sterling and Blair dive into the world of bail skipping baddies while still navigating the high stakes of teenage life.

What are the Teenage Bounty Hunters cast?

These cast members were confirmed as Teenage Bounty Hunters

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Sterling Wesley Maddie Phillips Ghost Wars | The Detour | Supernatural
Blair Wesley Anjelica Bette Fellini The Gifted | Margot
Bowser Jenkins Kadeem Hardison A Different World | Drive | The Dark Party
Debbie Wesley Virginia Williams Charmed | Fuller House | How I Met Your Mother
Anderson Wesley Mackenzie Astin The Magicians | Scandal | Iron Will
Yolanda Carrion Shirley Rumierk Rise | Collateral Beauty | 11:55
Ezequiel Eric Graise Step Up: High Water | Locke & Key
Ellen Johnson Wynn Everett Charlie Wilson’s War | The Newsroom | Agent Carter
Franklin Jacob Rhodes Secretariant | Coming Through the Rye | The Case for Christ
Lorna Given Sharp Swamp Thing | The Gifted | The Vampire Diaries

Is there any Orange is The New Black actor starring in Teenage Bounty Hunters

This is an absolute no at the time this article was written. Teenage Bounty Hunters has not been confirmed by any of the Orange Is the New Black actors.

This is not surprising, as producers and production companies love actors with whom they have a relationship.

Maddie Phillips Anjelica Bette Fellni Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters Netflix 1

Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Bette Fellni – Copyright. Tilted Productions

How do Teenage Bounty Hunters fare?

Official Production Status: (Last Updated 21/07/2020).

The series was filming began in Summer 2019, with shooting beginning on July 4, and finishing on November 30, 2019.

Tilted Productions, who produced the episodes for OiTNB as well as GLOW, handled production.

Georgia was the location for all of the filming. This as quite significant as at the time as the ‘Heartbeat Bill’ was highly discussed in the media. The Bill could have had a negative impact on the series' future and the filming locations. Not to be forgotten, Georgia was chosen as the location of filming prior to the controversial Bill being raised.

Actors and other Hollywood stars came out to oppose the bill, with some threatening not to shoot in the area if it passed.

Anjelica Bette Fellini (left) and Maddie Phillips (Right) – Credit: Bette Fellini: Courtesy of Anjelica Bette Fellini; Phillips: Courtesy of Maddie Phillips

What number of episodes will Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 1 air?

Teenage Bounty Hunters airs ten episodes. All 10 episodes are available immediately after their release.

Episode run times?

There’s currently no confirmation on episode run times. Comparing the episodes of other series, Teenage Bounty Hunters episode run time can be estimated at around 40-55 to 50 minutes.

Are Teenage Bounty Hunters coming to 4K?

Most definitely. Most Originals arrive now in 4K, and Teenage Bounty Hunters are following suit.

You will need to subscribe to premium Netflix and have a 4K TV. Also, you must have an internet connection that can maintain 25Mbps.

Is there a trailer on Netflix for Teenage Bounty Hunters

Netflix has not yet released a trailer to Teenage Bounty Hunters. A trailer for Teenage Bounty Hunters will be released in 2020. This is due to filming still being completed.

What number of seasons are we likely to see Teenage Bounty Hunters in?

This is largely dependent on how popular the series is. Teenage Bounty Hunters fits into this category.

Few titles can order multiple seasons at the same time, but it is possible to compare OItNB and the Original.

Orange Is the New Black ran for eight seasons and was very popular. However, the viewership had started to decline by the final season. We can only hope that the Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters will be half as popular as the OItNB.

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