‘Julie and the Phantoms’ Fans Continue to Campaign for Season 2

Review Ethan / 2022-09-09 23:02:14

Recent petitions to Save Netflix's Musical Show Julie and the Phantoms have risen to more than 200,000. A noisy social media campaign is also ongoing.

In case you didn't know, Julie and The Phantoms is the Netflix Original Series that premiered in September 2020. Although the first nine episodes of the series were created by Dan Cross, David Hodge and Kenny Ortega, the main name associated with the project was Kenny Ortega.

The show was not mentioned much in 2021 except for occasional whispers about what might be happening behind closed doors. Rumours that cast members were offered more options are not supported by any evidence. There were also talks early on for a world tour but it’s likely they’ve all been scrapped now too.

Although the show didn’t have much legs when it first dropped onto Netflix (it only survived in most Netflix region’s top 10s for around 10 days) where it truly found life was on YouTube.

YouTube videos can be viewed from as low as 13 million to 44 millions views.

The show was canceled on December 20, 2021.

Which campaigns can be used to save Julie?

Social media is where most of the fan campaign support happens. It’s very hard not to see a bombardment of messages under any official Netflix posting on Twitter or Instagram. Most are using variations of “#savejatp”, “#JulieAndThePhantoms” or “#SAVEJULIEANDTHEPHANTOMS”.

Many campaigns were actually started long before December 2021's cancellation. When fans started to worry about future plans of the show, Rebecca den Boer actually began the Change.org main campaign in December 2020.

julie and the phantoms netflix

This simple message was the basis of the campaign that attracted over 150,000 signatures as of January 19, 2009.

“We want season 2 of Julie and the Phantoms.

This show has brought so many people so much happiness and has inspired so many to follow their dreams. We all really want to see more of this amazing show, cast and crew.

Make sure to use the hashtag #wewantseason2jatp on Instagram”

Other campaigns can have as many as tens or thousands of signatures.

This is a far cry from the failed Netflix revival efforts. Anne with an A remains the most popular campaign, with more than 1.5 million signatures for its petition last year.

What chance does a fan campaign for Julie and The Phantoms work?

Here is the place where you have to share bad news.

Fan campaigns may have worked in the past, but we can see that they did work in the recent past with Sense8 (which was eventually revived as a film), Lucifer (which was revived two times), and most recently Manifest.

According to Netflix, it all comes down to numbers. In a post by The Hollywood Reporter, they spoke to Netflix’s Bela Bajaria about the Manifest campaign who stated “Fan enthusiasm is always great to see, but it really isn’t the emails or tweets — it was all about the viewing,” adding  “To save a show in this way, it has to have that fan viewing. I appreciate their passion and being connected to the characters, but the viewing is the thing that saved the show.”

So realistically, the only way we’d ever see Julie and the Phantoms come back is with a surge of viewing or an opportunity arises where costs are cut. Seems unlikely.

Can Julie and the Phantoms move elsewhere?

Netflix shows being saved elsewhere isn’t wholly unusual. Pop purchased One Day at a Time, which was canceled by the network after a single episode.

Disney would make a great home for Julie and her Phantoms. There is no doubt Kenny Ortega left a legacy with High School Musical and High School Musical.

What’s next from Kenny Ortega at Netflix?

Only one other project is really known which has Kenny Ortega’s involvement. We’re referring to Aunti Clause which has been announced for a couple of years now. It is not clear where it is at the moment.

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