‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Season 2 Canceled at Netflix; Cast May Appear in Future Projects

Review Ethan / 2023-02-21 23:07:15

Millarworld has officially kicked off on Netflix with the release of Jupiter’s Legacy and while there’s a lot to look forward to from the Millarworld universe in the future, will we be heading back with Utopian and the gang for season 2? The answer to that question looks like no as Netflix is not moving forward with season 2 but isn’t ruling out returning to the franchise.

Early reviews suggest the show is getting off to a relatively mixed start which shouldn’t be all too surprising given that it was negatively affected by the pandemic. The first season was tumultuous and uneventful due to a change of showrunner and some reshoots that took place earlier in the year.

With that said, the 8-episode superhero series is out now and if you’re all done, let’s dig into season 2.

Has Netflix renewed Jupiter’s Legacy for season 2?

Status of official renewal: Inactive (Last update: 06/02/2021).

In the week leading up to the release of Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 we put out a report saying that the show has been given a renewal based on the comments of Mark Millar to the Scottish publication, Herald Scotland.

Speaking about the future of Millarworld on Netflix, Millar said: “Next year there will be Jupiter season two. There will be The Magic Order, a horror show, and a big spy project,”

This meant that season 2 would be planned for next year. It is not clear if that was intended to be done or if it will be in production. We were quickly corrected after we published that post. It is simply the present intention of the show, assuming that it is renewed. However, the series has been effectively cancelled.

Millar was hopeful in interviews in the days leading up to the release saying:

“Season 2 is up to the audience. We don’t want to get too cocky. All I see is we’re going into this incredibly bullish. We feel great about it. I’ve watched, even over Covid, I sat in edits every day pretty much and I never tire of it. So, fingers crossed people love it as much as we do.”

jupiters legacy s1

Picture: Netflix

Despite doing relatively well on Netflix’s top 10 lists (although it fell out of the global top 50 on May 29th), we got word on June 2nd that the show would not be returning in its current form for season 2.

In a carefully worded exclusive on Deadline, Nellie Andreeva saying “Jupiter’s Legacy will not continue as an ongoing series” adding that “the streamer has opted to let [go] the high-profile cast”. The cast can now pursue other projects, with the show either canceled or effectively iced. It seems unlikely that they will be reunited with a cast as large and important as this.

Millar followed up with a statement saying: “We’re confident we’ll return to it later,” which can be found on Twitter. Although there’s lots of crossover potential for all of Millarworld’s properties in the future, this does mean that Jupiter’s Legacy as a standalone project is over but doesn’t mean we won’t see the return of the characters.

Although this cancellation was not unexpected, it is disappointing for Millarworld on Netflix.

What we expected from Jupiter’s Legacy season 2

Warning: spoilers for the end of season 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy below.

Although the series roughly follows the comics, using them as an exact guide isn’t particularly useful given the show deviates wildly in many of the modern storylines.

Brandon, for instance in the comics leads a similar life to Chloe (ie celebrity endorsements and living the high life) but doesn’t in the show. Comics switch between 2013 or 2020, while the show sticks to only two timelines.

jupiters legacy s2 what to expect

So while we could speculate about some of the beats that could transition to the show from the comics it’d be far better to speculate where the show heads next based on the events of the final episode.

In which case, we’ve just learned that Brainwave is behind much of the modern-day troubles the heroes face with him trying to take over The Union and was behind the cloning of Blackstar. Given his ambitions, he kills his daughter in order to achieve his goals.

Season 1 didn’t do enough, in our view anyway, to really tell us what happened to Blue Bolt and Skyfox so hopefully, their breakaway from The Union is a little more fleshed out in season 2.

With much of season 1 focusing on the origin of the original founding members of The Union with the kids mostly taking a back seat, we’re expecting the emphasis to shift storywise onto the kids in season 2. Hutch and Chloe are on a mission to find Hutch’s father Bluefox. After expressing his disapproval with the code, Brandon (Paragon), seems to have reconnected with his father. However, he clearly still has strong relationships with Brainwave.

It is not clear where each one of these three children will end up (good or evil). The comics warn us to expect the unexpected.

What’s next from Millarworld on Netflix?

There’s a whole host of upcoming Millarworld movies and TV shows in development outside of Jupiter’s Legacy.

Mark Millar also shared the following:

  • The next several years for Millarworld on Netflix are already mapped out with Millar saying: “We’ve got the next three of four years planned out. And that’s just the television side”
  • Millar compares his role to Kevin Feige’s
  • Millar is signed up to work on projects for “good few years” and plans to build out “20 franchises”
  • It announced in the Deadline article that Supercrooks would be getting an animated series. This will happen later in 2021.

In the meantime, we suggest you pick up copies of Jupiter’s Legacy and spin-off Jupiter’s Circle as they’re excellent source material and it’s interesting to compare and contrast the show’s story to the original.

Tell us your thoughts. Did you want to see season 2 of Jupiter’s Legacy? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.


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