Kevin Hart & Mark Wahlberg Netflix Comedy ‘Me Time’: Begins Filming in August 2021

Review Ethan / 2023-03-02 22:30:09

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg have teamed up for an hilarious Netflix comedy called Me Time, for the first time in both their professional careers. Filming is scheduled to begin in August, so we’ll be waiting a while before the movie lands on Netflix. However, we’ll be keeping track of everything you need to know about Me Time, including, the plot, cast news, production updates, trailers, and the Netflix release date.

John Hamburg is the director and writer of Me Time, a Netflix Original Comedy movie. Hamburg and Kevin Hart have worked previously together on Night School. However, Hamburg directs this movie since Why Him? (2016).

Hart, John Hamburg and Bryan Smiley were listed as executive producers of the Original. Hartbeat Productions is Kevin Hart's production company. The company that produced the film for Netflix is Hartbeat Productions.

How does Me Time produce?

We have production weekly issue 1260 to thank for reporting that Me Time filming will start on August 25, 2021 and end by October 22, 2021.

Is there a plot to Me Time?

Sonny, a stay-at home dad, now has an unexpected weekend off after years of not having much time for himself. Deciding to hit up his old best friend Huck, together the pair are in for a wild weekend that threatens to upend Sonny’s life.

Which actor is part of Me Time's cast?

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg are the confirmed Me Time cast members.

Hart is a comedian who has appeared on Netflix many times. But, he just gave Fatherhood one of his best performances.

Wahlberg's crime-comedy Spenser Confidential also enjoyed recent success on Netflix. The movie is one of Netflix’s most-watched Originals to date with an astounding 85 million subscribers watching it within the first month of release.

Me Time Netlix comedy kevin hart mark wahlberg

Chris Pratt had been attached to the project before Mark Wahlberg was cast.

We can expect to see more casting announcements as filming continues in August.

What is the Netflix release date of Me Time?

Filming has been scheduled for August and October, so we cannot rule out a release in 2021. We’re speculating that Me Time will be released on Netflix in the Spring or Summer of 2022.

Do you look forward to Me Time being released on Netflix? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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