Korean Crime-Drama ‘The Accidental Narco’ Season 1 Headed to Netflix

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With a Narcos shaped hole left in the Netflix line-up, hoping to fill that void will be Yoon Jong Bin’s crime-thriller, The Accidental Narco. The highly anticipated series, which will debut on Netflix in 2022 sometime, stars Park Hae Soon and Squid Game. Here’s everything we know so far about The Accidental Narco season 1 on Netflix.

Yoon Jong Bin is the director and writer of The Accidental Narco, a South Korean crime-thriller series.

A Netflix subscription is a great way to enjoy k-drama with many internationally licensed titles, including the adaptations of Money Heist, Love Hate You and other exciting new k-dramas.

Is The Accidental Narco on Netflix when?

Netflix has not yet announced a release date for The Accidental Narco. However, we know the movie will come out sometime in 2022.

We predict we’ll see The Accidental Narco arrive on Netflix in Q3 of 2022. We expect the series to arrive sometime between July and September.

Is there a plot to The Accidental Narco?

Suriname is based on real events. A drug lord in South America has attracted the National Intelligence Service's attention. An ordinary businessman who hoped to make his fortune in Suriname, but fell into drug crime and corruption is enlisted by the intelligence service.

What are The Accidental Narco's cast?

The most recognizable cast member of The Accidental Narco is arguably Squid Game’s Park Hae Soo. The actor played a big part in Squid Game as Cho Sang Woo or contestant”No. 218.” Fans will get to see more of Park Hae Soo on Netflix this year in the Korean adaptation of Money Heist as Berlin.

the accidental narco park hae soon netflix

Park Hae Soon in Squid Game (left) and Money Heist (right)

The Accidental Narco will be the Netflix debut for Hwang Jung Min and Ha Jung Woo. Hwang Jung Min is making this his fourth series of dramas. He previously appeared in The Fool (2009) and Korean Peninsula (2012).

the accidental narco hwang jung min netflix

Hwang Jung Min in Hush (left) and Hostage: Missing Celebrity (right)

Ha Jung Woo was a star in five K-Dramas between 2002 and 2016. After appearing as an actor in Entourage's 2016 drama Entourage, the Accidental Narco is his first role in k-drama.

the accidental narco ha jung woo netflix

Ha Jung Woo in Along with the Gods (left) and The Tunnel (right)

Here are the cast members for The Accidental Narco.

Role Cast Member Where Have I Watched Them Before?
Kang In Gu Ha Jung Woo H.I.T | Age of Warriors | Honest Living
Jeon Yo Hwan Hwang Jung Min Korean Peninsula | That Fool | Hush
Choi Chang Ho Park Hae Soo Squid Game | Prison Playbook | Money Heist
Byeon Ki Tae Jo Woo Jin Mr. Sunshine | Chicago Typewriter | Goblin
David Park Yoo Yeon Seok Hospital Playlist | Mr. Sunshine | Dr. Romantic
TBA Choo Ja Hyun Arthdal Chronicles | Beautiful World | My Unfamiliar Family
TBA Chang Chen Love and Destiny | The Soul | Forever Young

How many episodes are there?

Six episodes total are available on The Accidental Narco. Each episode should run approximately 50 minutes.

Do you look forward to The Accidental Narco's release on Netflix? Comment below to let us know!


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