Korean Space Blockbuster ‘Space Sweepers’ Coming to Netflix in February 2021

Review Ethan / 2023-02-03 10:41:18

It was revealed that Space Sweepers, the South Korean blockbuster in space was coming to Netflix after its theatrical release was delayed for 2020. Now, we have confirmation from Netflix that Space Sweepers will be available on Netflix starting February 2021.

Space Sweepers, a new Netflix Original Korean Sci-Fi movie directed and written by Jo Sung Hee is coming soon. The feature has been highly regarded as Korea’s first space blockbuster.

Netflix acquired the blockbusters Space Sweepers, The Wandering Earth and The Chinese Original The Wandering Earth.

What date is Space Sweepers' Netflix release?

Space Sweepers is confirmed to be available on Netflix worldwide starting Friday, February 5, 2021.

Although originally planned to release the space blockbuster in South Korean theatres during the summer of 2020, the film was delayed due to Space Sweepers' global pandemic. Later, it was revealed that Netflix would exclusively release the film.

How long is it?

According to the movie’s wiki page, the run time of Space Sweepers is 136 minutes.

korean space blockbuster space sweepers netflix poster

Official poster for Space Sweepers – Copyright. Netflix

How do Space Sweepers work?

In the not so distant future,  Earth is on the brink of destruction, and the only form of currency left is the trash that remains. One team of space sweepers is about to go bankrupt when it comes across a robot that looks like a human. Thinking they’ve hit the big time, it’s not long before word travels across the galaxy, and soon other crews go on the hunt for the space sweepers in hope of stealing the robot for themselves.

What are Space Sweepers' cast?

Space Sweepers has only announced a few cast members.

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Tae Ho Song Joong Ki Descendants of the Sun | A Werewolf Boy | Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Captain Jang Kim Tae Ri The Handmaiden | Little Forest | Mr. Sunshine
Tiger Park Jin Seon Kyu The Outlaws | Extreme Job | The Good the Bad and the Weird
Robot Eabdong Yoo Hae Jin A Taxi Driver | Pirates | Veteran
American Space Sweeper Milan-Devi LaBrey Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula | Gracious Revenge
Reporter Daniel Joey Albright Steel Rain | A Taxi Driver | The Battle of Jangsari


What year was production?

The filming started on July 3, 2019, and finished on November 2, 2019.

The movie was made for a reported ₩24 billion, which is roughly 21.2 million US dollars. You can see that not one cent was wasted, judging by the film's incredible looks.

korean space blockbuster space sweepers netflix kim tae ri

Jin Seon Kyu (left), Song Joong Ki (center), and Kim Tae Ri (right) – Copyright. Netflix

Space Sweepers is based on a webtoon.

While the idea for Space Sweepers sounds like it came straight out of a webtoon, surprisingly it wasn’t.

Jo Sunghee, a screenwriter, came up with this story after a discussion with a friend in 2010 about the dangers of space junk.

Since then, a webtoon adaptation of the film has been published. It premiered May 26, 2020.

Space Sweepers is on Netflix! Are you looking forward to it? Comment below to let us know your excitement for Space Sweepers on Netflix!


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