‘Limitless’ Series Leaving Netflix in July 2020

Review Ethan / 2022-08-01 01:54:30

After nearly four years, the CBS crime drama Limitless will be leaving Netflix. Here’s why it’s leaving, where it’s likely heading and why it only survived a single season.

This series was based on the film that Bradley Cooper starred in and features him as the Hollywood star. The same pill that was used in the film allows the user to access all of his brain's capabilities. That’s then put into the context of a traditional crime drama.

For its inaugural and final season, there were 22 episodes.

On July 1, 2020, the series will end in most Netflix countries, including Australia, Brazil and South Korea.

The series will eventually leave Netflix in Canada and Netflix in the United Kingdom but that probably won’t be until September 2021. That’s because these regions didn’t get the show added until a year and a bit after its US counterpart.

Limitless ran for only one season.

Netflix acquired global streaming rights for Limitless, but CBS decided to end the series despite that revenue stream. There were some rumors that Netflix could pick up the series from CBS given it already had the streaming rights but Craig Sweeny confirmed that would not be the case saying: “I’m truly sad to report that #Limitless will not continue on any platform. Thanks so much to everyone who watched.”

Which stream will limitless flow next?

Well, it’s unlikely that any service is going to want to pick up the streaming rights so our best guess is that it’ll default over to CBS All Access.

It’s going to be a slaughter for CBS shows on Netflix US in July with two other bigger titles from its vast library also set to depart. We’re referring to every single season of both Cheers and The Andy Griffith Show that are also leaving Netflix on July 1st, 2020.

You can find a full list of what’s leaving Netflix in July here.

What will you do with Limitless after it is gone from Netflix?


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