‘Line of Duty’ Removed from Netflix Internationally

Review Ethan / 2023-05-09 02:35:22

Line of Duty disappeared from Netflix in multiple areas overnight after negotiations for the license were terminated according to Deadline, a company which has since been bankrupt. Here’s the latest.

The British series that’s a police procedural is a staple of British television. Five seasons have already been completed, with the sixth expected to be airing in 2020.

Netflix had issues with Line of Duty previously, including several years back when the episodes were removed. However, now that the entire series is gone, it has not been re-aired.

What is the reason Line of Duty has been deleted from Netflix?

Jake Kanter reports that the Netflix termination of contracts with Kew Media, which is the distributor, led to the cancellation of the series.

Kew Media was a company which recently entered administration. It went bankrupt and its assets as well as any contracts it had have been reexamined.

It is worth the effort to read the story about the fall of the company. TBI Vision provides a great overview here.

Line of Duty was available on Netflix worldwide in all regions, including Australia and the United Kingdom. Notably, the US and Canada didn’t carry the show where it streams on Acorn TV.

Netflix UK only has seasons 1 to 4; we forecast that Netflix will get season 5 this October. This new twist of events makes it seem increasingly unlikely.

Line of Duty to be reintroduced on Netflix

It is not clear if Line of Duty will be re-upped on Netflix at the moment, until this situation has been resolved.

Brits have the great news that all past seasons, including season 5, can be accessed through BBC iPlayer. Although it’s obviously worth noting, you need a TV license to do so.

Would you like to see Line of Duty return to Netflix? Comment below.



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