Live Action ‘Alice in Borderland’ Series is Coming to Netflix in December 2020

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It’s been over a year since it was first announced Netflix would be adapting the psychological-thriller manga Alice in Borderland into a live-action series. The Original series will be available on Netflix starting December 2020.

Alice in Borderland, a Netflix Original Live-action Adaptation of Hara Aso's manga is coming soon. Shinsuke Sato will direct the psychological thriller. The script was written by Yasuko Kuramamitsu.

The franchise is highly popular thanks to its manga serialization in Shōnen Sunday Comics.

Is the first season of Alice in Borderland on Netflix coming soon?

Thanks to information on IMDb we’d previously reported that Alice in Borderland was coming to Netflix in November 2020.

alice in borderland season 1 netflix november 2020 release date

Netflix confirmed since December 10, 2020 that Alice in Borderland will be coming to Netflix.

An official press release was issued by the company on their website.

alice in borderland season 1 netflix december 2020 poster

Is there a plot to Alice's adventures in Borderland, or is it just a coincidence?

Ryohei has been bored by his jobless, video-game-obsessed life. Ryohei, a young man, wishes to live in a different world. Ryohei's wish comes true and he and Karube, his friends, are suddenly in another world. There, the only way to survive is through playing games.

What cast members were confirmed to play Alice in Borderland

The cast members of Alice in Borderland are confirmed

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Ryohei Arisu Kento Yamazaki Orange | Heroine Disqualified | Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Karube Keita Machida Meet Me After School | Sukimasuki | High & Low: The Movie
Segawa Yûki Morinaga Chihayafuru Part I | Two Weeks | Live
Shibuki Ayame Misaki Tokumi Sentai Go-Busters | Radiance | ReLIFE
Yuzuha Usagi Tao Tsuchiya Orange | Rurouni Kenshin | Kasane
Niragi Dôri Sakurada Kamen Rider | Coffee and Vanilla | Perfect Crime
Cheshire Nijirô Murakami Destruction Babies | Isle of Dogs | Natsumi’s Firefly
Kuzuryu Tsuyoshi Abe Big Stan | Rush Hour | Fast & Furious 7
Mira Riisa Naka The Girl Who Leapt Through Time | Time Taveller | Cafe Isobe
An Ayaka Miyoshi Dance with Me | Confessions | G’mor Evian!

How is Alice in Borderland produced?

Official Netflix Production Status: After-Production. (Last Updated 02/09/2020).

In July 2019, the series was officially announced and filming began shortly thereafter. We know that filming commenced on August 13th, 2020 but we’re unsure when it came to an end.

We’re 13 months on, so the series will be in post-production, and marketing for Alice in Borderland shall start very soon.

Are there multiple seasons for Alice in Borderland, or will they be the same?

Multiple seasons depends entirely on the amount of source material covered in the first episode.

Alice in Borderland was serialized in Shōnen Sunday Comics from November 2010 to March 2015, and it’s final run from April 2015 to March 2016 in Weekly Shōnen Sunday. After 18 volumes, the manga was finished with 87 chapters.

We could easily split Alice in Borderland into two seasons with 87 chapters worth of adaptable source material.

Only one season is confirmed at the moment.

alice in borderland season 1 netflix november 2020 release date manga panel

Alice in Borderland – Copyright. Shogakukan

What number of episodes will this season have?

The number of episodes is not yet known.

We can anticipate seeing between 6 and 10 episodes, if previous anime to manga adaptations are any indication.

Is the series available for streaming in 4K resolution?

You can look forward to Alice in Borderland Season 1 arriving in 4K as a Netflix Original.

You will require a premium subscription and a 4K TV to view Alice in Borderland in 4K.

Is Alice in Borderland on Netflix a good choice? Comment below to let us know your excitement for Alice in Borderland's release on Netflix!


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