‘Long Story Short’ Coming to Netflix US in January 2022

Coming Soon Ethan / 2021-12-22 08:26:02

Long Story Short, an Australian romantic comedy directed by Josh Lawson in 2021, will debut on Netflix America in January 2022. This movie will arrive January 1, 2022.

Long Story Short was created by Josh Lawson (Australian writer, director, actor). His most notable roles are as Kano in Mortal Kombat, and in Showtime's House of Lies. Lawson, on the other hand, directed The Little Death (2014), which was an Oscar-winning film.

Rafe Spall is one of the stars of this romantic comedy. Rafe Spall is best known for his roles as The Big Short, Life of Pi and even the Christmas episode of Black Mirror. ZahraNewman, perhaps most well-known for her regular role on Wentworth, stars alongside the actors.

This is what to expect from the film:

The morning following his wedding, Teddy wakes to see that his future is leaping forward every minute.

Netflix counts the film as an SVOD first for Netflix. This means the movie can be streamed as part of a subscription. The movie is available to rent or buy VOD since July 2021.

Is it worth watching Long Story Short on Netflix

So far, the reviews for this movie have been mixed. RottentTomatoes has given it a 50% rating. The consensus is that the movie's few clever touches don't outweigh its predictable romantic comedy plot.

It has received slightly better audience ratings, the film scoring a 61% score on RT as well as a 6.5 rating on IMDb.

Saban Films is releasing Long Story Short on Netflix US beginning January 2022. The Colony is also due to be released, as well as Zone 414.

In other parts of the world, the movie premiered already. For example, in the UK the series was made available as Sky Originals on September 3.

Our comprehensive preview for January 2022 provides more details about what Netflix will bring to the United States.


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