‘Lucifer’ Co-Showrunner Definitively Rules Out Season 7

Review Ethan / 2022-09-28 15:54:40

Lucifer fans who hoped for another windfall will be disappointed. Co-showrunner for the series has ruled out the possibility of it returning for season 7.

It's been a rollercoaster ride for the former Fox series, which has now become a Netflix original. Netflix saved the show after its third season. However, it has since produced three more series.

Netflix, however, surprised everybody and said that they had more fuel and revived the series for the sixth season. It will be out September 2021.

Many fans have hoped for another revival, but it appears highly unlikely. A petition suggests that the show should continue until the original magic number 100 episodes is reached (which has traditionally helped shows to go to syndication).

However, any hopes of a Lucifer season 7 were dashed recently in a Tweet by co-showrunner Joe Henderson who responded to a Tweet saying that he can confirm that the series isn’t going to get a surprise revive again.

That’s not to say the Lucifer cast and crew aren’t going to be seen on Netflix anymore, however.

Joe Henderson is currently attached to two new Netflix projects, including a live action Pokemon series (although this has not been confirmed by Netflix), and a comic adaptation from the horror comic Shadecraft.

Tom Ellis currently is in New York City shooting the Netflix film Players.

Aimee Garcia works on 47 Ronin 2, which will be exclusive to Netflix.

It's there. It is disappointing news for Lucifer lovers, but Netflix has promised season 6 to be the best ending.

Don’t forget too that Lucifer will also feature in the upcoming Netflix series, The Sandman.

Are you sad that Lucifer won’t be coming back for a season 7 on Netflix? Comment below.


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