Lucifer Season 6 | Ending Explained

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Fans worldwide are gathering around their TVs, phones, computers, and tablets to stream Lucifer season 6, which just premiered on Netflix on Friday, September 10th, 2021.

Lucifer season 6 is, unfortunately, the Netflix original series' final season. This is the final installment of a fantastic series. There is no season 7. Everyone wants to know what happens next. Look away now if you haven't seen Lucifer season 6 yet because we're about to get into significant spoilers for the ending.

So, what occurred exactly? There's a lot of sentimental fanfare, but that's a good thing. Many other series have failed to do what Lucifer did: come up with a satisfying conclusion that was sweeter than a Christmas chocolate cache while fitting in perfectly with the rest of the show.

Recap | Lucifer Season 6


So, first and foremost, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German) only recently married and have a daughter. Aurora — Rory for short — has a lot in common with her father regarding abandonment concerns. Her lethal set of wings, comprised of bladed feathers, are the only thing more razor-sharp than her tongue. These look fantastic, but we wouldn't want to be anywhere near them.

Rory traveled back in time to assassinate her father. He had mysteriously vanished from the face of the Earth shortly after her birth, never to be seen again. She even remembers the date and the location of his last sighting: August 4th, at 10th, and Swanson.


Lucifer and Chloe, on the other hand, are adamantly opposed to this and spend the majority of season six attempting to disprove her. They are mostly successful, but they are perplexed that Rory's chronology remains frozen in place because she continues to exist.

When the time comes to disrupt the chronology, Lucifer is so desperate that he builds his panic room to safeguard his family and run out the clock. Unfortunately for him, fate is not on his side.


Meanwhile, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) can finally enter Heaven, but it is not without difficulty, as is typical of Dan. He will be stuck as a ghost for the rest of the season until the French mobster, Le Mec, kills Dan and runs after, avoiding capturing himself.

On the morning of August 4th, he approaches Lucifer for assistance. Still, he must first persuade him that a) he is not the man who murdered his friend and b) that he requires his assistance to escape. Lucifer agrees, but not before encouraging Dan to pay one last visit to his daughter Trixie now that he can finally hug her.


But first, Trixie is no fool, having grown up with two detective parents and a monster for a babysitter. She yells "stranger danger" and throws Dan/Le Mec to the ground when he tries to hug her. We always knew she'd be a badass when she grew up. Dan does manage to persuade her that he's a friend of her father's, but he enrages her when he implies that Dan wasn't a worthy father.

Trixie encourages him to return it, saying she is proud of her father and that, flaws and all, his desire to change makes him a perfect role model for her. Dan is finally free of his most incredible guilt – and as a result, he is finally able to enter Heaven. But, as it turns out, Le Mec was still inside his own body when Dan took it over - and now that he's back in control, he knows just how to eliminate Lucifer and his weak spot, Rory.


Lucifer and Chloe successfully extend the clock to midnight on August 4th, and they are ecstatic that they have 'broken the timeline.' Swanson is being followed by Le Mec and his minions, who take her wings off against Lucifer. A captured Rory is currently at 10th. They rush down to the warehouse where she's being held, easily defeating Le Mec's goons, and attempt to rescue their daughter.

Sadly, Chloe's been shot, and Lucifer is in a time-consuming chase for both his girlfriend and his child. Le Mec is on a mission to assassinate Lucifer because, following Dan's death, he whispered something in his ear that has driven him insane ever since.


Lucifer explains that it was his guilt that caused it, but Le Mec is unconvinced. Lucifer promises to prove this by exposing the truth about what he desires and reveals that all he wants to do is be a decent father to Rory. The thought of disappointing her has been killing him.

Rory breaks free from her chains, spurred on by her father's inspiring speech, and chokes Le Mec out, but her demon face reveals as she does so. Rory is persuaded to halt by Lucifer, who convinces her that there is no turning back from murder. Le Mec is released, but Chloe shoots him as he tries to kill them anyhow. He collapses onto a table covered in Rory's feathers, and the man is dead. Leave now that the family has been reunited.


Lucifer, Rory, and Chloe's bliss, unfortunately, is fleeting. Returning to Lucifer's apartment, the family shares a heartfelt moment, with Chloe discovering Dan had finally made it to Heaven. Everyone they know who has escaped Hell and made it to Heaven has done so with Lucifer's assistance. This, it turns out, has always been his true life's mission. But Rory realizes that this is why he had to abandon her. Chloe is willingly helping to shape her into the person she becomes by lying about Lucifer's actual whereabouts.

Rory has unwittingly generated her childhood trauma. Still, she now realizes that it is all part of a bigger and better purpose. Rory finally returns home after forcing Lucifer to promise that he won't change anything in the timeline so she may stay the same. Lucifer and Chloe then bid each other farewell, and Lucifer departs for Hell, knowing that he will see Chloe again in 20 years.

Ending Explained | Lucifer Season 6


We learn that every gang member has a happy ending in a montage of the years that follow. Mazikeen and Eve's days are spent battling criminals and caring for Rory. Chloe rejoins the Los Angeles Police Department as a Lieutenant. Amenadiel takes over as God, but he collaborates with his angel siblings to find a better balance so he can continue to visit Earth. This comes in handy as Charlie, his and Linda's son, flies for the first time on his second birthday.

Ella Lopez has finally found love with a decent man. She launches a STEM initiative for young girls after Lucifer creates a charity for her as a parting gift. After reconciling with his love, Charlotte, Dan is happy and eating a lifelong supply of pudding cups in Heaven.

Meanwhile, in Hell, Lucifer has stolen a page from doctor Linda's book and has become a therapist for the damned in an attempt to help them break free from their torment. However, saying it is easier than doing it. One day, though, he receives a tap at the door. It's Chloe who's reached out to him after her awful demise on Earth. Though she declares she "wondered whether he needed a partner" during their reunion, it is anything but sad. With the grand final kiss, the Lucifer world is officially closed for good.


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