‘Mad Men’ Could Leave Netflix in 2020

Review Ethan / 2022-11-07 14:15:31

As the Netflix contract expires, Mad Men may be moving to another streaming service. Lionsgate is looking for new homes to the series, which might include Netflix.

It is set in 1960 during peak advertising times and Jon Hamm plays the part of Don Draper. It aired 7 seasons in total and 92 episodes between 2007-2015.

Netflix holds the rights to all seven seasons of the series. They are available on Netflix worldwide.

In 2020, Mad Men's streaming licence will be renewed

THR published an exclusive report on September 24th that stated Lionsgate was selling the series to other streamers in preparation for the renewal of their contract.

According to the report, Netflix acquired the rights in 2011, and has been streaming exclusively ever since. New seasons arrive shortly after AMC's air dates. In February 2016, Netflix received the final episode set.

There’s no front runner as of yet as to who will take up the rights to Mad Men although it has been noted that WarnerMedia’s HBO Max could be in the running as could Lionsgate’s own network, Starz.

Netflix may re-bid again for these rights. The show could be carried internationally by Netflix, with domestic rights going to another country. Netflix will ultimately decide if the show is worth its subscription money, as the company has the best statistics about the success of the series.

If the streaming streamer is denied the license, when will Mad Men be able to leave Netflix?

According to our data, the renewal of your license is scheduled for July 27, 2020. That means you’ve got roughly just over half a year to watch it on Netflix should it leave.

Netflix currently faces a fierce battle for third party licenses. Peacock, Apple TV+ and Amazon all want licenses to support libraries.

Is Netflix going to try and keep Mad Men on Netflix or should it be another provider? Comment below.


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