Is "Manifest Seasons 1 and 3 on Netflix Internationally?"

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Netflix is now the exclusive worldwide rights to Manifest. However, we will not see seasons 1-3 being added at once. Is season 4 currently being filmed. When will regions outside of the United States and Canada get Manifest's initial season? While it will be different, some Netflix regions will receive seasons 1-2 starting in January 2022.

Although we won't retell all of the Manifest stories here, Netflix was able to save Manifest this summer and release it worldwide as a fourth and final series. Netflix issued the following statement in conjunction with the announcement

"The deal also includes previous seasons of the Warner Bros. Television–produced series to premiere on Netflix around the world in the coming months"

We were able to see that Netflix Internationally would get seasons 1-3 before the year ends 2021. Now, Manifest seasons 1-3 are only available in Canada and the United States.

The United Kingdom's rights for season 1-3 were cancelled by NowTV on November 20, 2121, but they did not go to Netflix.

Despite all that, it's been reported that at least one regional will see some early season changes in the New Year.

Netflix Netherlands will receive Manifest Seasons 1-2 in January 2022

One of the first regions outside the US and Canada to receive Manifest will be Netflix Netherlands.

According to the NetflixNL Instagram feed ( seasons 1-2 will be on Netflix as of January 1st, 2022.

Because the third season was just aired in Japan on Net5, it is unlikely that Season 3 will be added.

Netflix Netherlands, unfortunately, hasn't yet revealed a date when older seasons will go on Netflix. We're certain more will.

Netflix and the World isn't Manifesting at the Same Time

It was partly due to the way Warner Brothers Television sold it around the globe that season 4 of Netflix seemed so unlikely. They often gave it to streamers and regional networks. A Hollywood Reporter article stated that Netflix would not accept the international rights unless they had the right.

All this boils down is that the international rights of all media are mangled. Netflix may offer different options.

The article states that they won't roll out both the new and old seasons together, instead pointing to:

"The international territories conflict is being solved with a combination of tactics: Some foreign rights are being bought back while others are being waited out — the new episodes will not debut globally all at once but will have a staggered rollout, with some territories getting the show a little later than others."

Season 4 of Manifest currently under production in New York. It is scheduled to debut on Netflix sometime in 2022.


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