‘Manifest’ Seasons 1-3 Coming to Netflix Internationally in 2021

Review Ethan / 2022-09-26 15:23:05

Manifest was renewed for a fourth season. However, good news is in store for viewers outside of the United States. The three previous seasons will all be available on Netflix worldwide by 2021.

If you haven’t been following along the Manifest revival, you’ll want to check out our full season 4 announcement post but here’s the crux of the story. Manifest was licensed by Netflix US and CA in June, along with the final episode of season 3. NBC decided not to renew, but it was enough for Netflix to bring the show back.

Getting international rights to the previous seasons of Manifest likely proved vital in Netflix’s efforts to renew the show. In all previous cases of revivals, it’s acquired global rights either in advance or after Netflix swoops in.

There are some exceptions. Lucifer, which was renewed by Netflix for season 4 onwards, still isn’t available globally. Netflix UK is still missing the early seasons and Netflix Germany doesn’t have access to it at all.

However, it appears that Netflix was able to obtain global distribution rights. Netflix announced season 4 in a press release.

“The deal also includes previous seasons of the Warner Bros. Television–produced series to premiere on Netflix around the world in the coming months”

It’s believed Netflix will be the sole home for Manifest once the rights expire from other networks or streamers in local territories.

Sky One, soon to be known as Showcase, and Now are the only broadcasters of the show in the United Kingdom.

Seasons 1-3 will not be available on Netflix at a specific date. Likewise, we don’t know if the show will be added to Netflix simultaneously around the world either.

These days, Now in the UK has listed Manifest as leaving the UK on November 7, 2021. This could be the date Netflix will release it. We’ll have to wait and see.

manifest streaming until november 2021

Removal date on Manifest on Now

Either way, there’s only a few short months until seasons 1-3 of Manifest will begin streaming on Netflix around the world whether that’s in the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, Latin American, or Asia.

Do you look forward to watching Manifest on Netflix over the next few months? Comment below to let us know your thoughts.


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