Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast & Trailer

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Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman has already been picked as one of the biggest films of 2019. With such huge anticipation for the upcoming Original, The Irishman may even become Netflix’s most successful film at next year’s Academy Awards. For those interested in all of the details for Scorsese’s The Irishman here’s everything you’ll need to know including the Netflix release date, plot, cast and trailer.

Netflix Original American-crime film The Irishman (based on Frank Sheeran's life) is called "The Irishman". Martin Scorsese is directing his first Original title for the streaming service, making him the second Oscar-winning director to do so after Alfonso Cuarón. It’s one of the big blockbuster movies coming to Netflix this fall with The Landraumat and 6 Underground being two other examples.

The Irishman – Picture: Netflix

The hype behind The Irishman has already attracted a huge amount of momentum, with many familiar faces of Scorsese’s previous titles returning to work for the director once more.

Is there a plot to The Irishman's story?

Frank Sheeran, a World War 2 vet and former mob hitman is Frank Sheeran. He was a skilled killer because of his time in Italy during World War 2. Frank became a mob hitman by using his talents. Frank, now in his 80s, reflects on his career and the hits that shaped it.

He was especially responsible for Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance in 1975. Jimmy Hoffa was a former president of International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Which actor is part of The Irishman's cast?

Numerous actors who worked with the legendary director are back.

The following is The Irishman's cast:

Role Cast Member Where have I seen/heard them before?
Frank Sheeran Robert De Niro The Godfather 2 | Raging Bull | Taxi Driver
Jimmy Hoffa Al Pacino The Godfather | The Godfather 2 | Scarface
Russell Bufalino Joe Pesci Goodfellas | Casino | Home Alone
Angelo Bruno Harvey Keitel Pulp Fiction | Taxi Driver | Reservoir Dogs
Peggy Sheeran Anna Paquin The Piano | X-Men | True Blood
Felix ‘Skinny Razor’ DiTullio Bobby Cannavale The Station Agent | Ant-Man | Blue Jasmine
Joe ‘Crazy Joe’ Gallo Sebastian Maniscalco Green Book | Tag | The House
Bill Bufalino Ray Romano Everybody Loves Raymond | The Big Sick | Ice Age
Tony Provenzano Stephen Graham This is England | Snatch | Pirates of the Caribbean
Chuckle O’Brien Jesse Plemons Breaking Bad | Black Mass | Game Night


Jimmy Hoffa: Who were you?

Jimmy Hoffa, also known as James Riddle Hoffa, was an ex-American labor union leader. He served as the president of Internation Brotherhood of Teamsters between 1957 and 1971.  After committing actions during his presidency, the former labor leader was sentenced to four years imprisonment. President Richard Nixon eventually released him.

Hoffa was already a prominent figure in the IBT's early 20s. Hoffa’s involvement in organized crime would eventually become his downfall.

He was convicted of jury tampering and attempted bribery. His attempt to rejoin the ITB after his pardon would end in his death. Jimmy Hoffa was allegedly found to be treading on the feet of the mob, who had influence over the ITB. He died in 1975. In 1982, the police declared Hoffa's death officially after seven years.

Jimmy Hoffa testifying before a Senate committee

Was The Irishman Netflix’s biggest production to date?

The Irishman is Martin Scorsese’s largest project to date, costing upwards of $159 Million.

From August 2017 to March 2018, filming was done in New York City. As for why the film hasn’t released yet despite filming ending early 2018 is because of the post-production.

To make actors appear younger, there are many de-aging visuals. Although CGI can be expensive, the technology has improved significantly in recent years.

What role did Netflix play in its production?

The legendary director considers the film to have been a passion project and, without Netflix's influence, the Irishman might not have received the go-ahead.  Robert De Niro has even stated the importance of Netflix’s back of the film saying:

“The bottom line is we would not have been able to make the movie the way we would have wanted to if we didn’t have the money that Netflix could give us”

The clip below features Robert De Niro, a legendary actor and Jane Rosenthal discussing the film's making on today. Rosenthal was a producer for The Irishman, and also serves as the CEO at Tribeca Enterprises.

Do you have any photos of The Irishman

IMDb has many photos of The Irishman. We’ve chosen some of our favorites from the on set photos which can be seen below:

These images are provided by TriBeCa Productions and Netflix.

In preparation for the movie’s release, we also now have the official movie poster for The Irishman too.

In preparation of the New York Film Festival release, we have additional images.

How long does The Irishman take to run?

The run-time confirmation is still being gathered. Don’t expect the title to be a short feature-length, typically Scorsese’s titles last of least 120 Minutes.

The Irishman could run for up to 180 minutes, which is what we fully expect.

The Academy Awards will be presented to The Irishman.

The Academy will decide if The Irishman is nominated. The Academy has recently decided to allow streaming titles, which have not been made yet by streaming service producers, to still be eligible for Academy Awards. The Irishman is undoubtedly the most popular Oscar bait in 2019, thanks to the many cast members and Martin Scorsese's direction.

There’s no guarantee that The Irishman will win any Oscars, but we certainly expect to see plenty of nominations. The biggest competitor to The Irishman will be Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which releases in the summer of 2019.

Does Netflix have a trailer for The Irishman

We finally have the trailer for The Irishman after months of waiting! Suffice to say there’s already plenty of buzz surrounding the film.

What is The Irishman's release date?

The Irishman will first have a theatrical release before it arrives on Netflix. Martin Scorsese, the director of The Irishman, requested a larger theatrical release than a restricted one. The length of the movie's stay at cinemas may determine if it will be released theatrically.

AMC could allow a larger theatrical release, even though ROMA had been denied by AMC in 2018. AMC would need to have the Irishman in cinemas at least one month to allow them to release the film.

The Irishman premieres at the 57th New York Film Festival, September 27th.

What date will Netflix be available?

It has been announced that The Irishman will soon be streaming on Netflix, following the fall of the larger cinematic release agreement. That’s one day before Thanksgiving 2019 and releases on the unusual day of Wednesday where Netflix Originals typically get stacked for Fridays.

Is The Irishman a book you are excited about? Comment below to let us know your excitement for The Irishman's release!


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