‘Mimi’ Drops on Netflix Globally Early After Leaking Online

Review Ethan / 2022-09-28 18:11:33

Mimi, one of Netflix’s biggest Hindi movie releases of 2021 has dropped on the service globally a few days early after the movie leaked in full at the end of last week.

The story of how it got leaked isn’t even particularly that engrossing. Jio Studios, the production company behind this film, made a mistake and released the film accidentally. The pirates then came knocking.

Netflix moved Mimi's release date up to July 26th 2021 in an effort to beat the pirates. It had originally been scheduled to be released July 30th 2021.

Netflix India’s social account was too surprised by the news seemingly in their tongue-in-cheek Tweet today.


The highly anticipated Laxman Urtekar directed the move. Pankaj Tripath, Kriti Sanon and LaxmanUtekar team up to make this much-anticipated move after they appeared together in Luka Chuppi in 2019.

If you plan on diving into the movie, here’s what you can expect:

“An aspiring actress in a small town agrees to bear a child for a visiting couple seeking a surrogate mother, but her experience takes unexpected turns.”

The trailer is currently viewed just under 15 million times and has been joked by many that it already gives away the majority of its plot. That makes it one of the most-watched trailers on Netflix India’s page.

It’s worth noting that Netflix outside of India while carrying the movie doesn’t carry the Netflix Original branding. This has happened with numerous Hindi releases over the past few years where Netflix acquired the global rights but didn’t promote them as their own. We’re not sure why this is but it is worthy of note.

Dinesh Vijan who serves as a producer on the movie said to Bollyspice that “Finding two incredible digital collaborators in Jio Cinema and Netflix is very exciting”.

We’ll have coverage of all the new Hindi and indeed all Indian content dropped onto Netflix towards the end of this week courtesy of longtime What’s on Netflix contributor Kathy Gibson. AccessBollywood also offers a list of Bollywood films on Netflix.

Are you going to check out Mimi on Netflix? Comment below.


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