‘Money Heist’ Spin-offs at Netflix: What’s In Development and Rumored Projects

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With Money Heist soon coming to an end with the final batch of episodes dropping in December 2021, you may be wondering what’s next. A spin-off international version of Money Heist has been confirmed, with many more expected to follow. Here’s a look at Money Heist’s future beyond season 5 on Netflix.


In case you didn’t know, Money Heist has been one of Netflix’s biggest international hits. The series originated in Spain and was first broadcast on regional television before it was picked up by Netflix internationally.

Netflix will release Part 5 Volume 2 of Money Heist on December 3, 2021.

The Confirmed Money Heist Spiros So Far

Money Heist Korea

money heist korea netflix

Only one project has been confirmed post-Money Heist’s fifth season so far in the form of a K-drama adaptation from BH Entertainment and Zium Content.

It will nearly be a complete remake of Spanish-language episodes, as all characters will have been translated to English.

Park Hae-soo and Yunjin Kim are among the confirmed cast for Money Heist Korea.

Hong-sun Kim is well-known for The Age of Blood and will be directing with Kim HwanChae, Choe Seung-jun, Ryu Yong Jae's writing. Álex Pina is on board as an executive producer.

We’ve got more on Netflix’s Korean Money Heist adaptation in our full preview.

Other productions feature a money heist

One thing we’ve already seen over the years and into the future is the cast of Money Heist fronting or being included in other productions to arrive on Netflix.

Christopher Meir did a great deep-dive for us on what Money Heist stars have starred in other Netflix Originals and there’s plenty more on the way.

Recently, Najwa was the host of Insiders, a reality show featuring Najwa.

The Rumored and Expected Heist Spinoffs

Berlin Spin-off and Other Spin-offs Based On Spanish Version

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Pina has previously spoken to Spanish magazines about spin-offs:

“We have a lot of possibilities to do a spinoff, yes, and I think it’s thanks to the strong and powerful identities of the characters. We have always wanted the characters to have a very complex and layered design. So I think almost all the characters La Casa de Papel have a duality that we would like to see in a spinoff. We could see any of them in other contexts.”

It’s important to note that any spin-offs won’t be assessed until after the show concludes according to Pina saying he will “determine if there really is an open door for a spinoff, or if we want to tell more about any of the characters,”.

Jesús Colmenar, who serves as an executive producer for the series and frequent director said at a film festival: “All the characters have a good spin-off (…) They have gained so much strength that you could almost do one of each.”

Bluper reported that one idea that was being considered was a Berlin spinoff, which would include the ex-girlfriends from the fallen members of the gang.

Variety also noted in its retrospective on the show’s success that “due to the nature of the series’ storytelling, using flashbacks and cutaways to show key narrative details, spinoff possibilities are nearly endless, and any character could come back.”

Morte, who plays the professor has also said, “It would be a pleasure to return to The Professor. Anything can happen.”

Bollywood Money Heist

We believe that a Bollywood version Money Heist may be able to come true.

We suspect that this may be due to the amazing performance Money Heist displayed on the Indian platform.

Money Heist, as we have reported in the past summer continues to do well on Netflix's top 10, especially in India. The series is currently in the TV Top 10s for 501 days as of this writing. That’s more than Spain which has seen the show in the top 10s for 102 days.

Given the show’s popularity, we think a Bollywood remake would be a great addition to the adaptation roster.

Álex Pina Other Netflix Projects

Before we depart, we thought we’d give a mention to the creator’s other projects that have come to Netflix. Álex Pina works with Netflix via a comprehensive overall deal struck back in July 2018.

This deal has brought him projects like:

  • White Lines – canceled after a single season
  • Sky Rojo – two seasons release so far with a third part confirmed for 2022.

Vis a Vis can also be viewed on Netflix worldwide in all regions where Pina was a writer.

Do you want to see more Money Heists? What form would you prefer them to come in? Please let us know what form they should take in the comments below.


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