Moonbug Entertainment’s ‘Blippi’ Joining ‘CoComelon’ on Netflix in January 2022

Review Ethan / 2023-02-04 01:43:12

Moonbug Entertainment is the creator of CoComelon and will be bringing Blippi, another core franchise, to Netflix. Blippi Adventures and Blippi School Supply Scavenger Hunt will be available on Netflix across all English-speaking countries starting January 14, 2022.

YouTube's original IP hosts a live-action host, who instructs young children about all things related to jungle animals and shapes. YouTube has many Blippi channels in multiple languages, with more than 37M subscribers.

In 2021, the series went through many changes. The introduction of an alternate actor for the core “Blippi” character for the YouTube show sparked a backlash among parents back in May.

Clayton Grimm would join Stevin John as the original creator. Clayton Grimm had previously played Blippi live on stage.

Blippi Wonders is an animated version of this series that was launched on YouTube September 11.

In addition to this, Amazon Kids+ commissioned a bespoke, long-form original, Blippi’s Treehouse. The introduction of Meekah, Meekah, a new character to the Blippi world coincided. Kaitlin Becker portrays Meekah on YouTube and Amazon Kids+.

Blippi can also be streamed on Hulu and Peacock as well as The Roku Channel.

Moonbug Titles on Netflix: Previous Success

Moonbug's animated Nursery Rhyme-based series CoComelon has been a huge hit on Netflix.

The series launched in 2020 and has been featured across every performance metric.   The first was a remarkable run of consistency in the Netflix Trending Top 10s. In addition, Nielsen SVOD ratings have increased from strength to strength throughout 2021.  The average number of minutes viewed per episode increases as more episodes are added.

These numbers are at an all-time high since October's introduction of Season 4. This last series has also featured in Netflix’s newly introduced global rankings and more is on the way including exclusive new titles within the world of CoComelon 2022.

Nielsen Viewed Minutes

Moonbug is proud to have Blippi as another crown jewel. CoComelon was also announced in 2020. The intention is to create new content and expand distribution. Consumer products will be available for both IPs.

Since then, Blippi has been involved in multiple global product activations. This recent momentum comes hot on the heels of the entertainment company’s takeover deal with private equity firm Blackstone, headed by former Disney executives Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs.

CoComelon's presence on YouTube, Amazon Kids+, and Netflix echo the widespread distribution that has driven it for the last year.


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