Netflix Acquires HBO Max’s ‘Close Enough’ for International Release

Review Ethan / 2022-10-18 17:35:22

Close Enough has been acquired by Netflix. This animated series will be distributed worldwide exclusively through HBO Max USA. Netflix subscribers will have access to Season 1 starting September 14, 2020.

The United Kingdom, Latin America and Canada are among the countries that will get Close Enough.

The series is produced by Cartoon Network Studios, the same company behind The Regular Show. It is directed and written by J. G. Quintel. The series features J. G. Quintel's voices, Gabrielle Walsh and Jason Mantzoukas as well as Jessica DiCicco and James Adomian.

This animated slice-of-life sitcom follows two couples who are facing new challenges in their 20s. It’s been one of the best HBO Max Originals since the service released earlier in 2020.

What Close Enough means for HBO Max’s international expansion?

Netflix is a major producer of Original animated sitcoms, with Hoops, Big Mouth, and Hoops being two of the most recent. However, it still buys licenses from Rick & Morty, Close Enough and other international producers.

This raises serious questions about HBO Max's ability to grow internationally. Just over the past couple of weeks, we’ve learned that HBO Max is selling off one of their headline Originals to the BBC.

HBO Max could be in the same situation as Hulu, which is facing the same problems due to the high cost of acquiring a library or untangling its contracts. It remains to be determined.

Netflix US: Will it be close enough?

Sadly, although Netflix now carries the series internationally, the US won’t ever be included.

For the time being, HBO Max will retain these rights.

Are there any future Netflix seasons?

As these agreements often extend the life of the series, future seasons are likely to be available on Netflix international. Season 2 was renewed just last month as confirmed by the show’s creator.

Do you look forward to Close Enough joining Netflix international? Comment below to let us know.


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