Netflix Anime Movie ‘Child of Kamiari Month’ is Coming to Netflix in February 2022

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The anime film Child of Kamiari Month will be available exclusively via Netflix worldwide in February 2022.  We’ve got everything you need to know about Child of Kamiari Month, including, the plot, cast, trailer, and the Netflix release date.

Takana Shirai is the director of Child Of Kamiari Month, a Japanese Netflix Original Fantasy anime. The creation of the anime wouldn’t have been possible without the crowdfunding at Cretica Universal, which took place three times.

The feature was animated by Liden Films, and written by Tetsurō Takita, Ryūta Miyake, and Toshinari Shinoe The creative director of the project is Kazuya Sakamoto.

What time is Child of Kamiari Month available on Netflix?

Thanks to the release of the trailer we can confirm that Child of Kamiri Month will debut on Netflix on Tuesday, February 8th, 2022.

Only outside Japan, the anime film will be streamable on Netflix. On October 8, 2021, Child of Kamiari Month premiered in Japan in theaters.

How does Child of Kamairi Month work?

Netflix has provided the synopsis.

A year after losing her mother, a little girl learns that she must journey across Japan to the annual gathering of gods in the sacred land of Izumo.

What are the Cast Members of Child of Kamairi Month's?

Netflix subscribers are familiar with Maaya Sakamoto, the talent voice behind Merlin's Seven Deadly Sins. This talented actress lends her voice to many popular anime characters.

child of kaimari month maayo sakamoto

Here is the complete cast of Child of Kamairi Month.

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Kanna Aju Makita Shoplifters | True Mothers | After the Storm
Shiro Maaya Sakamoto The Seven Deadly Sins | Fire Force | Demon Slayer
Yato Miyu Irino Spirited Away | The Garden of Words | A Silent Voice
Miki Riko Nagase Zekkyo | Shichinin no Hisho | Sakura no Oyakodon
Kotoshironushi Chafurin Baki | Gintama | Shimajiro
Ryujin Wataru Takagi Pokemon: The First Movie | Record of Ragnarok | Godzilla: Singular Point
Yayoi Hayama Ko Shibasaki Battle Royale | 47 Ronin | Go
Norimasa Hayama Arata Iura Air Doll | Nippon Noir | Nijiiro Carte
Okuninushi Akira Kamiya Pom Poko | Fist of the North Star | Conan

How long does Child of Kamairi Month last?

It has been established that the runtime is 99m

Do you look forward to Child of Kamairi Month being released on Netflix? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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