Netflix Anime Movie ‘Drifting Home’: Coming to Netflix in September 2022 and What We Know So Far

Review Ethan / 2023-04-12 10:01:55

Studio Colorido is making another anime film for Netflix called Drifting Home. This movie was produced by the studio that made A Whisker Away. Coming to Netflix in September 2022, we’ll be keeping track of everything you’ll need to know about Drifting Home, including the plot, cast reveals, trailers, and most importantly the Netflix release date.

Hiroyasu Itaihara directs Drifting Home, while Hayashi Mori writes it. Ishida is known for his work on Penguin Highway and Fumiko’s Confession, while Mori is known for working on popular anime titles such as Cells at Work! Code Black.

Drifting Home, Studio Colorido's third film, will release upon its completion. It follows A Whisker Away, Penguin Highway, and Penguin Highway.

What date is Drifting Home Netflix's release?

The second teaser has now been released. Drifting home will begin streaming on Netflix starting Friday, September 16th 2022.

In Japan, the film will be shown in cinemas by 2022.

Is Drifting Home a plot?

On a warm summer’s day, Kosuke and his friends visit an abandoned apartment building due for demolition, but the group finds themselves at the center of a strange phenomenon. Kosuke, his friends and their surroundings are surrounded by an ocean. They must find their way back home.

Drifting Home Netflix Anime Movie Poster

What are the members of Drifting Home's cast?

We’re still waiting for the cast of the Japanese dub and English dub to be revealed.

Do you anticipate Drifting Home's release on Netflix in 2022 Comment below to let us know your excitement for Drifting Home's release on Netflix in 2022!


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