Netflix Anime ‘Pacific Rim: The Black’ Season 1 is Coming to Netflix in March 2021

Review Ethan / 2023-03-13 23:56:56

We’ve waited years to see the Pacific Rim anime series on Netflix, and now we can finally confirm that the hotly anticipated anime adaptation, Pacific Rim: The Black, is coming to Netflix in March 2021.

Pacific Rim: The Black, an anime series that will be available on Netflix Original is created by Greg Johnson & Craig Kyle. It's based upon the Pacific Rim live-action films. The animation studio Polygon Pictures behind this series is something Netflix subscribers will be familiar with. Polygon Pictures is the animation studio responsible for producing the Godzilla manga trilogy, Knights of Sidonia and Drifting Dragons.

What time is Pacific Rim: The Black Season 1 coming to Netflix?

We can confirm the arrival of season 1 Pacific Rim: The Black on Netflix via this date trailer.

Netflix will release the anime series worldwide.

How many episodes are there?

According to IMDb, Pacific Rim: The Black will have four episodes. Each episode will last approximately 24 minutes.

Is there a plot to Pacific Rim: The Black?

A young boy named Taylor and Hayley use their giant mecha Jaegers to find their parents after kaiju emerge from the ocean.

Is anime set in the same universe as movies?

The anime series will be set in the same timeframe as live-action movies, which was confirmed when the first announcement was made.

netflix anime pacific rim the black season 1 is coming to netflix in march 2021 screenshot

Are there plans for a second season?

It was announced that the series would have two seasons when it first appeared on Netflix.

It’s unclear when we’ll see a second season of Pacific Rim: The Black on Netflix. Subscribers will have to wait until at least 2022 before they learn anything more.

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