Netflix Could Snap Up New Episodes of ‘Black Mirror’ Exclusively

Review Ethan / 2023-05-01 14:32:20

Black Mirror, a British show that is often overlooked by the public, examines how technology and our lives are becoming more connected. There’s not many episodes across the two series which adds to the hype behind a new series being on the cards.

Back in May of this year rumours began cycling around websites surrounding a possible link between the shows lead writer Charlie Booker and the streaming giant Netflix, citing it’d be a perfect fit.

RadioTimes sources have confirmed that multiple episodes could be on the horizon exclusively available on the streaming service but channel 4, the network who broadcasted the first two seasons, have also said to be interested reviving the show for a third season.

This is exciting news for Netflix fans it’s a show that can be easily picked up and is a real fan favourite. The show is available on Netflix streaming. Only the Christmas special from the second season of the series is not included in all Netflix library.


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