Netflix K-Drama ‘Love Alarm’ Season 3: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

Review Ethan / 2022-12-30 03:04:21

The second season of Love Alarm is over after nineteen months of wait. It begs the obvious question: Is there a third season? We’re still waiting for confirmation from Netflix, but it’s up for debate on whether or not Love Alarm is returning for season 3.

Love Alarm, a Netflix Original K-Drama about romance, is based on the popular webtoon by Chon Kye-Young. This series is the fourth Netflix Original South Korean series and ranks second to Kingdom, a zombie-horror series.

Love Alarm Season 3 Netflix Renewal Statute

Netflix Official Renewal Status Pending (Last Updated on 15/03/2021).

To no one’s surprise, Netflix hasn’t announced if Love Alarm will be returning for a third season. Netflix is forgiven for the delay in releasing Love Alarm's second season.

It can take up to several weeks for us to find out if an Original was renewed.

Is Love Alarm due to be renewed for another season?

It is clear that Love Alarm fans want more. Is there a need for a third season of Love Alarm? Both sides can make their case.

No Love Alarm shouldn’t return

You could argue that Love Alarm ended with a positive ending. Jojo and Hye Young have finally become a married couple. Each of their Love Alarms are ringing for one another. Sun Oh is still in love with Jojo, but he continues to be with Yook Jo and his relationship, hoping that one day, he'll ring her Love Alarm.

Yes, Love Alarm Should Return

The relationships among our newly married couples could be explored in a third season. Despite Hye Young’s alarm ringing for Jojo, she still ponders the idea of whether or not she would have rung his Love Alarm without the use of the shield. Regardless, the pair clearly love each other, but Jojo’s insecurities about the shield could cause some tension in the relationship.

Sun Oh's relationship with Yook Jon could be explored in a third season. There’s also the fact that the webtoon on which the series is based is still ongoing.

Overall, we’d be happy for either scenario. Sometimes things are better left unsaid, and leave what remains to the audience’s imagination as not every question needs an answer. If there were to be a third season, then more Love Alarm!

Netflix releases Love Alarm 3 season 2 on April 12, 2019.

We can speculate about a possible season 3 release date if Love Alarm is renewed for another season.

The release date for season 2 was delayed to 2021 due to the pandemic. The wait time between season 1 and 2 took nineteen months. If Love Alarm does return we aren’t expecting to see such a long wait.

The popularity of Song Kang could have an impact on filming dates. This actor is highly sought after and has been familiar to Netflix subscribers.

Do you want to watch Love Alarm 3 on Netflix? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think!


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