Netflix K-Drama ‘Vincenzo’ Season 1: Plot, Cast, Trailer & Episode Release Schedule

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February is going to be an exciting month for K-Drama fans with the impending release of tvN’s exciting new drama series, Vincenzo. A romantic crime-comedy that we’re sure fans will adore worldwide, we’ve got everything you need to know about Vincenzo season one, including the plot, cast, trailer, and episode release schedule.

Vincenzo, a new Netlfix Original romance-comedy K-Drama series written and created by Studio Dragon is now available. Kim Hee Won will direct the series. He has also directed K-Dramas like Money Flower, Glamorous Tempetation and Fated to Love You.

What date is Vincenzo's season 1 Netflix release?

On Saturday, February 20, 2021, Vincenzo's first episode will be available on Netflix.

Vincenzo will air 16 episodes. New episodes are available on Netflix each Saturday and Sunday through the series' finale Sunday April 25, 2021.

The average runtime of each episode is 60 minutes.

Episode release schedule for Vincenzo

The first episode of Vincenzo will air on South Korean television, and then it will arrive on Netflix that day.

Episode tvN Broadcast Date Netflix Release Date
1 20/02/2021 20/02/2021
2 21/02/2021 21/02/2021
3 27/02/2021 27/02/2021
4 28/02/2021 28/02/2021
5 06/03/2021 06/03/2021
6 07/03/2021 07/03/2021
7 13/03/2021 13/03/2021
8 14/03/2021 14/03/2021
9 03/04/2021 03/04/2021
10 04/04/2021 04/04/2021
11 10/04/2021 10/04/2021
12 11/04/2021 11/04/2021
13 17/04/2021 17/04/2021
14 18/04/2021 18/04/2021
15 24/04/2021 24/04/2021
16 25/04/2021 25/04/2021

Please Note: It’s unclear when a mid-season break is scheduled. Typically K-Dramas don’t take breaks halfway through the season so the broadcast dates above are subject to change.

Is Vincenzo a plot device?

Park Ju Hyeong, eight years old, is adopted by an Italian family. He was sent to Italy as a child. Park Ju Hyeong, who later took the surname Vincenzo Casano and became a mafia consigliere and lawyer, has become Vincenzo Casano. Vincenzo must return to South Korea because of the conflicting factions in Mafia. Vincenzo falls in love with Hong Cha Young after he returns to South Korea. He is a passionate attorney who will stop at nothing to win cases.

vincenzo netflix k drama season 1 plot cast trailer and episode release schedule poster

Official poster for Vincenzo – Copyright. tvN and Studio Dragon

What are Vincenzo's cast?

These cast members were confirmed as stars in Vincenzo

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Vincenzo Casano / Park Joo Hyung Song Joong Ki Arthdal Chronicles | Descendants of the Sun | Tree With Deep Roots
Hong Cha Young Jun Yeo Bin Be Melodramatic | Live | Save Me
Jang Jun Woo Ok Taec Yeon Save Me | Bring It On, Ghost | Dream High
Lee Cheol Wook Yang Kyung Won Hi Bye, Mama! | Crash Landing on You | Fight For My Way
Han Seung Hyuk Jo Han Chul Kingdom | Once Again | Romance Is a Bonus Book
Choi Myung Hee Kim Yeo Jin Extracurricular | Itaewon Class | I Love You, My Enemy
Jang Han Seo Kwak Dong Yeon It’s Okay to Not Be Okay | Fight For My Way | Love in the Moonlight
Hong Yoo Chan Yoo Jae Myung Stranger 2 | Itaewon Class | Prison Playbook
So Mi Ri Kim Yoon Hye 18 Again | Vampire Detective | Heartstrings
Chef Toto Kim Hyung Mook The Fiery Priest | The Crowned Clown | Player
Park Seok Do Kim Young Woong Partners for Justice | Tell Me What You Saw | Remember: War of the Son
Tak Hong Shik Choi Deok Moon Search | Beautiful World | Doctor Prisoner
Jun Soo Nam Lee Dal Hospital World | Partners for Justice | Signal

What will Vincenzo do in cable ratings?

Vincenzo is in a great position thanks to the Saturday and Sunday timeslots.

Currently, tvN holds seven of the ten most-watched cable TV dramas. Every episode of top-rated tvN dramas was aired over the weekend.

Vincenzo must beat Hospital Playlist to be in the top 10, and have a national rating above 14.142% to get a place among the top 10.

What are you planning to do with Vincenzo? Comment below to let us know!


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