Netflix Licenses ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Sequel From Paramount

Review Ethan / 2022-10-31 20:00:16

Although plans for the Beverly Hills Cop 4 were in place for many years, they never materialized. Eddie Murphy has reignited his career thanks to the Netflix Original film Dolemite Is My Name, so it comes as no surprise that Netflix would strike while the iron is hot and license the Beverly Hills Cop sequel from Paramount.

Paramount has agreed to let Netflix another movie for the Original Beverly Hills Cop line-up. This is Netflix's third year in succession. The veteran comic will return to active duty as Beverly Hills Cop 4, with Eddie Murphy playing the role of Axel Foley. Jerry Bruckheimer is onboard to produce.

Paramount and Netflix have enjoyed a productive relationship. The licensing of Beverly Hills Cop, after previously licensing Cloverfield: Paradox and Annihilation is the perfect cherry on the cake. Murphy and Bruckheimer will be working with the streaming service to locate a director or scriptwriter. The sequel will be launched exclusively by Netflix and funded by Netflix.

This is another excellent deal for Netflix, who also recently signed a deal with Paramount Pictures’ parent company, Viacom, to license and produce exclusive Nickelodeon content.

Beverly Hills Cop 4, what can we expect?

In 1994, the last Beverly Hills Cop (BHC3) was made public. That’s over 25 years of Axel Foley’s career we’ve missed.

Foley wasn't a great paper-pusher, but he could have been a detective who was promoted and left behind a desk. But he still wanted to be out in the street.

It could be entertaining to see a veteran Foley teach a newbie about his job. While a buddy cop film is clichè, the dynamic could work for a grizzled and aged Foley.

What date can we look forward to Beverly Hills Cop 4 being available on Netflix?

If production begins in the next few weeks, we may see a Winter 2020 release.

There’s plenty of development that needs to go into Beverly Hills Cop 4 before production can begin, therefore, a more realistic release date will be 2021.

Possible Release Date: 2021

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