Netflix Movie ‘I Came By’: What We Know So Far

Review Ethan / 2022-09-16 19:25:46

One of Netflix’s upcoming  UK-based productions is I Came By. Netflix is requesting a slate of new TV series and films from the UK. This agreement will produce the first project, I Came By. It is a neonoir thriller about a young graffiti artist that targets wealthy homes and uncovers a disturbing secret.

Netflix’s I Came By will be directed by BAFTA winner Babak Anvari, who has directed such projects as Under the Shadow, Monsterland and Wounds. Namsi Khan, who worked on films such as His Dark Materials and Domina, will also co-write the film with Anvari.

i came by crew

Film4 and New Regency were the developers of this project. They will also executive produce the film with XYZ who brokered it for the filmmakers.

The project is part of Netflix’s huge push into UK production including creating a huge new creative hub in the form of Shepperton Studios. Fiona Lamptey spoke in August about Netflix’s efforts in the region saying, “Scope and ambition is my topline strategy for the UK,”

Here’s everything else we know about Netflix’s I Came By:

What’s the plot of I Came By?

Not much has been revealed about the movie, but here is the official logline for Netflix’s I Came By:

The London-set neo-noir thriller will follow a rebellious young graffiti artist who targets the homes of the wealthy elite but discovers a shocking secret that leads him on a journey endangering himself and those closest to him.

I Came By: Who are the cast members?

i came by cast

It was announced in July 2020 that Netflix’s I Came By will be led by George Mackay (1917, Captain Fantastic), Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire, No Country for Old Men) and Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, Notting Hill). Varada Sethu will be appearing in Strike Back, Hard Sun, Percelle Ascott, The Innocents and Tin Star, as well as Antonio Aakeel from Dublin Murders, Tomb Raider.

What’s the production status of I Came By?

It was reported that Netflix’s I Came By would shoot on location in the UK.

In August 2021, it was announced that the film would be shot in the autumn of 2021. Deadline confirmed that production will only last for two weeks.

IMDbPro reported that the film entered post-production in September 2021, and began shooting in August 2021. TheKnowledgeOnline confirmed that filming began in August.

Hugh Bonneville shared an image of him on set of the film. A number of photos were also shared by The DailyMail from outside the film.

i came by hugh bonnevile netflix set

Hugh Bonneville on set of I Came By for Netflix


What’s the Netflix release date for I Came By?

Deadline confirmed that Netflix’s I Came By is slated for a 2022 release. Later, we will reveal a more exact date.


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