Netflix Original Film ‘Outlaw King’: Everything We Know So Far

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Who would have thought that after Halloween we’d still be getting plenty of treats? Well, it certainly isn’t a trick. Netflix will be releasing a number of new originals in November. One such film is the Outlaw King set to air on November 9th. Here’s everything we know so far about Outlaw King.

The plot is it?

Chis Pine stars in Outlaw King, a historical drama about action based on the Scottish national hero Robert the Bruce. The film will follow Robert the Bruce’s war of liberation against English occupation in Scotland and his rise to become the King of Scots.

Robert the Bruce: Who were you?

Robert the Bruce is a celebrated national hero of Scotland due to his war of liberation against English occupation in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. Having taken part in William Wallace’s revolt against Edward the I of England, he was already a renowned warrior of his time. Robert the Bruce was King of Scotland, having inherited the Scottish crown after the death his family.

He was a participant in the Scottish War of Independence before he became King. He would be the King of Scotland and continue to fight against English occupation. This war lasted thirty-two years and was between 1296 and 1328. Robert fled to hiding after he was defeated during the first battle for freedom.

The people of Scotland rallied to Robert's cause after he was released from hiding and recovered. Robert would go on to lead his people to multiple victories against the English and in 1320 the first declaration of independence was sent to the Pope. His subsequent invasion of the North of England forced the hand of Edward III to sign the treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton. To seal the peace, Robert’s son David II would marry the sister of Edward III.

What made him an outlaw?

Robert attempted to kill Comyn, a traitor, in addition to the war against England. Comyn was killed, and Robert was made an outlaw. He was excommunicated. If it wasn’t for his pact with Lamberton and support from the Scottish Church his claim to the throne would have been non-existent.

After he had been crowned King, he lost an English campaign and was forced into fleeing to Ireland. He was thus made an Outlaw King.

What are the cast members of this ensemble?

Below is the main cast:

Role Actress/Actor Where Have I Seen Them Before?
Robert The Bruce Chris Pine Wonder Woman, Star Trek, Jack Ryan
Elizabeth de Burgh Florence Pugh The Commuter, The Falling, Lady Macbeth
James Douglas Aaron Taylor-Johnson Godzilla, Age of Ultron, Kick-Ass
Angus MacDonald Tony Curran Underworld: Evolution, Red Road, Flight of The Phoenix
Sir Robert VI de Brus James Cosmo Braveheart, Game of Thrones, Highlander
Edward I Stephen Dillane Game of Thrones, Spy Game, Darkest Hour
Lord John Comyn Callan Mulvey Batman vs.
Lord Henry Percy Duncan Lacroix Vikings, Outlander, Primeval


How does the criticism reception work?

The film's critics seem to have a split opinion. Pine's and Pugh's performances have been highly appreciated. A few battle scenes and stories have received criticism for being too generic.

The historically correct portrayal of armies is a major point to be noted. Compared to that of Mel Gibson’s highly inaccurate Braveheart, such things as the correct armor and sigils of the respective commanders go a long way in our books.

The trailer

Netflix released a brand new trailer for Outlaw King and after viewing this we can’t wait to watch it!

Do you want to go see Outlaw King in person? Comment below to let us know your excitement for Outlaw King.


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