Netflix Original Movie ‘Brahman Naman’ Arrives 7th July

Review Ethan / 2023-04-25 08:30:09

Netflix will release Brahman Naman, a Netflix Original Movie on July 7, 2016.

After being highlighted at numerous film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival, IFFLA 2016, and the New York Indian Film Festival, the movie is now available on Netflix as an Original.

This comedy film appears to take on many of the Indian stereotypes that Master of None, another Netflix Original last year did. Qaushiq Mokherjee will direct the film, which is expected to run for 95 minutes. The majority of the cast are Indians, but the film will be spoken entirely in English so there is no need to use subtitles.

The movie stars Sid Mallya and Tanmay Dhanania as the main characters. It is about a group teenagers coming to terms with their mortality. It’s essentially your American Pie equivalent in India.

Netflix is the perfect platform for launching the platform because of the film cast and topic. We don't see how the platform would thrive without Western Cinema releases.

Variety said the film had a big budget when compared to others in its arena and concluded that the movie is: ‘Overall, the mix of medium-grade raunchy humor and middleweight drama works fairly well, albeit with few real highlights. In the great tradition of teen sex comedies, however, the funniest gags here are (what else but) masturbation jokes.’

The movie will be arriving on Netflix worldwide from July 7th 2016 and will be the first Netflix Original comedy to be released by Netflix that doesn’t have Adam Sandler at the helm.


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